Week Ahead Messages 10-16 February

Week Ahead Messages 10-16 February

Tarot of the Spirit

Happy Friday, my friends! It’s Valentine’s Day this week. This may or may not mean much to you… but in case you want to focus on sweet amore in the days ahead, I have gathered 14 of my favourite love and relationship Tarot spreads HERE. If your focus is more on self-love and self-care, you’ll find some nice tips for Vday HERE.

Now it’s time to pick your card for the week ahead! Before picking your card and scrolling down to the reveal, please take a moment to relax, ground and centre. Open yourself to receive guidance from Spirit. Trust your intuition and keep only what resonates with your soul.


When you embark on a course of intermittent fasting for mind-body-spirit, you should expect to be transformed. I did indeed expect changes to occur on all levels because it’s not my first round… but I’m still gobsmacked at just how much is shifting for me now since I embarked on this journey on the 13th of January.

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been many blog posts from me this week. One reason is that my focus has had to be completely on my deep inner process of transformation so my radio silence has been a radical form of self-care. The urge to blog and share simply vanished so I went with the flow on that. Yet, you can catch a glimpse on what has been happening HERE.

The other reason for complete radio silence all week on the Angelorum blog lies with my web host and server problems… but TBH, I really don’t think I would have been blogging much if the site hadn’t been down half of the time… I see it as a lucky coincidence that the server problems are happening when I needed more time for introspection.

I honestly don’t know what is going to happen next but I do know that I’m in much better place for receiving direct guidance from both my own soul and Spirit. It’s a great place to be. And I trust…

All I know so far is that I am meant to help people who feel trapped on the wheel of destiny (by their own habits) take back control of their lives. I’m meant to do this in a non-traditional way and in deep communion with Spirit. I kind of do this already in my work as a Seer and Healer… but something new is waiting to break through.

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

Two of Air (trad. 2 of Swords) – You find temporary respite from having to problem solve this week. This is a good time assess your next steps. Important decisions will soon have to be made. In a sense, this is the calm before the storm. 

This is a good week for socialising. Relationships will be harmonious and conversation will flow with ease. You may find it possible to restore peace to a troubled relationship. Spend as much time with friends and loved ones as possible. This will help steer you right for the next phase of the journey.

You Chose Card no. 2

Six of Fire (trad. 6 of Wands). According to Pamela Eakins, the Six of Fire is about moving into a new phase of being… It’s spring-time! This is no time to rest on your laurels. Yes, you deserve to celebrate your recent victories but ultimately, they must be released or surrendered for the Highest Good. 

So, since it is spring and time to sow new seeds… What next? Use the light of your recent success to put more resources to good use. You have traction now and should use it to inspire those around you.

You Chose Card no. 3

The Mystery Card. You are facing a karmic situation. It is time to go deeper to try to understand why you are where you are now. Carefully avoid blaming others and circumstance for your current situation.

Where you go next is between you and Spirit so seek out silence as often as possible in the week ahead. You may think you have gone deep into the shadows of your psyche in the past but you are about to discover a whole new layer. Provided you take your time with this experience, it can act as an initiatory experience and take you to the next level of your spiritual journey.

This is a time to contemplate your future self. Five years down the line. 10 years down the line. The moment of your final breath… What will your legacy be?