Week Ahead Messages 14-20 January

Week Ahead Messages 14-20 January… Pick a card!

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Week Ahead Messages 14-10 January... Pick a card!

Happy FriYay, my friends! We are properly into 2019 and I hope you are well. It seems that many of us are moved by the Holy Spirit in big ways to actively engage with soul alchemy at this time, and to allow ourselves to be completely transformed. The way I’m experiencing it is as an awakening to love and a willingness to die to anything that isn’t love. Those of us who find ourselves in the pressure cooker of transformation right now will need to take time out to create some space for growth…

This might be a good time to clarify my public service statement on the other blog yesterday: I’m not going to disappear completely (at least, that’s not the plan). I’m just cutting way back on my blogging load and online presence to create that extra space needed now for the Holy Spirit to properly get my full attention. I need more silence and less doing for the sake of doing, simply put.

Until further notice, I will continue to blog here on Angelorum at least once a week and I’m still available for readings. I’m open to this journey taking me in ANY direction though… It’s truly in the hands of my Maker now, so I’m not making any guarantees. I’m deep in the cloud of unknowing about my own path, approaching a pitch black birth channel… and that is fine.

Before choosing your Tarot card and alchemy stone combo, please take a moment to centre yourself and ask Holy Spirit to guide you on a path of truth, authenticity and spiritual discernment.

This week we are working with the Lo Scarabeo Pamela Colman Smith Tarot, the alchemy stones and the Mother Mary Oracle.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Our Lady of Promise from the Mother Mary Oracle is about God’s promise to guide us all the way home on the path of spiritual fulfilment. It is also a card of rebirth. In the lower left-hand corner you will see an image of a nest with two eggs. Perhaps you are keeping me company in that nest in the week ahead because I’m definitely inside one of those eggs right now. 

I can’t remember which day it was but I think it was Sunday or Monday this week when I found myself in floods of tears, crying from the bottom of my soul for rebirth. I didn’t realise there were so many of use going through this… and truly, it is the Holy Spirit working through us – Deep calling unto deep. The divine spark – our true self – seeking divine union, so that we can begin pouring God’s love out into a love-starved world…

The message of this card may mean that we need to seek stillness more often than usual – That’s certainly a whisper I’m hearing in my own heart at the moment, and the main reason I’ve chosen to cut back on my workload. 

The period of gestation may not be the same for each of us but we carry each other in prayer in the meantime. We are patient and compassionate with each other and everyone in our lives. 

Soul Coaching question to consider this week: What am I for?

Pick a Card for Your FREE Week Ahead Message – Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 14-20 January Reveal

1. You chose Tarot card and alchemy stone combo no. 1

Sol with The Tower is about complete awakening in the week ahead. The ego’s defences are coming tumbling down. Be gentle with yourself and allow this to happen. Allow everything that needs to be broken now to be completely broken and swept away. It’s a mercy.

Seek stillness because this is where guidance about your new path will come. Do not linger on feelings of guilt and shame. You know better now so you can do better. All that matters is that you allow yourself to become the channel for divine hope and love that you were born to be.

Do not be surprised if your normal desires and appetites simply fade away. Seek out better food for the soul in nature, music and literature. 

2. You chose Tarot card and alchemy stone combo no. 2

The Alembic with the Queen of Pentacles is a sign of an awareness of that things have already been set in motion along a new path. You are at the experimental phase – A phase that requires great patience with yourself.

This is not a time for charging forward but for quietly observing and contemplating your progress. In order to give this process a fair shake, you need to look after your physical wellbeing. 

Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating the things that truly nourish you or are there still some compulsions/addictions associated with how you nurture your physical body? The body is the sacred vessel of your soul. Ask God to show you how to better care for it if you still struggle in any way and it will be so!

Your own life purpose may involve caring for the needs of the bodies of others in some way.

3. You chose Tarot card and alchemy stone combo no. 3

Quintessence with The Chariot means that though you feel ready to charge ahead on a new path, balance is needed before you make your move. You need to consider which areas of your life are not in harmony with your authentic self, as well as weigh up your options.

The course of action you have in mind may be partially right but some adjustment is still needed. If there are two or more options before you now, please consider handing them over in God to prayer and not moving forward until you feel moved to do so by the Holy Spirit. 

The temptation with The Chariot is to seek glory for the ego/separate self. A path of greater humility may the one God/Source chooses for you and you will only find out if that is the case by going into the silence.



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