Week Ahead Messages 18 March

Week Ahead Messages 18-24 March – Pick a Card Combo!

Week Ahead Messages Circle of Life Tarot 18-24 March

Happy Friday! Hope you are well. We’re just going to dive straight into the week ahead messages for 18-24 March, 2019, today. This time we’re working with Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand Cards (self-published edition) and the Circle of Life Tarot.

For the General Guidance message from Spirit, I have pulled two cards from the Secret Language of Color Cards. These two cards give us an important message about what need to focus on in terms of restoring harmony and general wellness. The individual messages almost invariably tie in with the general theme message as well, so do give it a read!

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Before scrolling down to your individual Tarot message, please take a moment to relax, ground and centre. Close your eyes if that helps and take a few deep breaths, releasing any tension or worry as you breathe out. Breathing in, focus on creating some space for Spirit guidance. Then open your eyes and choose your card combination above.

General Guidance from Spirit

General Guidance from Spirit for 18-24 March Secret Language of Color Cards

“Find the sweetness in your own heart, then you may find the sweetness in every heart.”


Peach and Sapphire are not only colours that look good together, the messages of these two cards complement each other perfectly. 

Peach is about relishing every moment, being mindful that when we are fully present, just about every moment we encounter in life can be filled to the brim with cosmic sweetness. 

Peach reminds us to develop our juicy, passionate and sensual qualities and to seek to make connections with the people around us sweeter as well.  The instruction on the card is to ‘Inhale a Breath of Life.’ 

For any breath to be a ‘breath of life’ it has to be a mindful breath, a breath that connect us deeply with our body, our environment and our Source. Ah, and how sweet is just one of these breaths? 

Sapphire continues this message by letting is know that filling ourselves with the sweetness of existence by being fully present is what will alleviate any worries or anxiety, and restore harmony to our lives. It will help us feel rejuvenated and bring in the healing energy of the Cosmos that is always available to us, always waiting to meet us halfway.

Sapphire is also a reminder to make spending time outdoors, under the bright blue sky, more of a priority. There are few ailments that are not cured by a brisk walk in fresh air…

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” 


… and you will find that inspiration starts flowing quite soon after you step outside if you feel stuck in any way about what your next step ought to be, or if you can’t find the solution to a problem you’re wrestling with!

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand Cards and Circle of Life Tarot

You Chose Combo no. 1

8 of Pentacles with Coffin. Something regarding your work situation is coming to an end this week. It could concern a work situation where you have been very busy but not actually terribly productive or it could concern a daily habit that has kept you busy but away from the things you are truly passionate about.

This is a great week for killing off any bad habits that are keeping you from mind-body-spirit wellness as well. You are likely to gain sudden insights about at least one bad habit you are now ready to release.

You Chose Combo no. 2

9 of Cups and Clouds means that a big shift from worry and anxiety to greater levels of harmony and happiness is on the cards for you this week.

You will need to pay extra heed to the message in the General Guidance bit above to make the most of this opportunity but if you do, the payout will be massive – especially in terms of emotional wellbeing and the ability to attract into your life more of the things that make life truly enjoyable. 

You Chose Combo no. 3

Judgement and Woman (yes, that’s Pixie herself in the card image!). This is a BIG week for you, in terms of awakening to/aligning more closely with your life purpose.

This is especially true for those of you who are looking to do work that benefits women in some way or who seek to capitalise on what might traditionally be considered typically female talents, such as intuition/psychic ability or caring for others in some way.  This combo is a message from the Universe to trust your inner guidance 100% this week… and to ACT on it!

Wishing you a truly delicious, peachy week ahead!

Love and Light,


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