Week Ahead Messages 27 Jan - 2 Feb

Week Ahead Messages & An A-Z List Jesus Approves Of

Tarot of the Spirit

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are all doing well. It’s been an interesting week, so I’m sharing my thoughts on some of it below… For the week ahead messages, I’m working with the Tarot of the Spirit. Take a moment to ground and centre before making your selection and scrolling down to the reveal.

Doreen Virtue’s Clever PR Coup

Has it occurred to anyone how clever a PR coup it was for Doreen Virtue to publish an A-Z list of ‘abominable to the Lord’ New Age and Pagan practices? Her new site wasn’t doing very well but recently it’s been down on a few occasions due to the high volume of traffic.

As many of you will know, this post went viral all over social media and many clover clog bloggers were quick to pick up on it, making light of the situation. Sadly, there is nothing to laugh about… It is saddening and nearly maddening to see that Doreen is succeeding to make this seem to be about a genuine conversion. It is not. The only reason why I have covered all that happened in the wake of Doreengate is to get justice for the victims for what is essentially a cover-up for fraud.

Let’s get specific. Donors to Doreen Virtue’s animal sanctuary were defrauded and students who hadn’t even started their courses when the practitioner registers were taken down were refused refunds. Students who stood up for their rights were gaslighted and blocked, not just by Doreen but also by people working with/for her. Everyone was so afraid of losing money that they the trampled all over the victims. Animals were abandoned. She later lied about giving all animals to ‘vegan friends’ – We have evidence of her selling her pigs for big $$$. I have been threatened with legal action by Doreen personally for sharing this information.

Frankly, I find it disappointing that people still make this be about a change of paths or adopting a new faith. It’s not about faith, it’s about fraud. All the facts and the evidence is there now for people to browse if they need it. I’m done.

An A-Z list of Spiritual Practices Jesus Approves Of

The list below (unlike the one Doreen shared) is based on the actual teachings of Christ. You will note that it doesn’t include condemnation of New Age or Pagan practices, that is because Jesus was FOR God and humanity rather than against groups of people. The only people Jesus ever condemned with harsh words (whitewashed tombs, brood of serpents) were the religious bigots… You know the kind of people who would put together lists of prohibitions for the people and make sweeping condemnations of other races and cultures…

A – Advocate and take action for the oppressed, poor and suffering
B – Be the change you wish to see in the world
C – Contemplate the love of God
D – Donate without telling anyone
E – Embrace your humanity
F – Fast 
G – Give generously of yourself
H – Harm no one; Humble yourself
I – Imitate Christ
J – Join with others who love God
K – Kenosis… and emptying of self to make room for the Divine
L – Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself
M – Meditate on the Living Word
N – Never give in to temptation
O – Offer the best of yourself to the Divine (the first fruits)
P – Praise God
Q – Question everything and learn to discern the truth
R – Rest in the arms of God; Radiate God’s love
S – Spread the good news
T – Triumph over the grave by the power of God’s grace
U – Unveil your true humanity beyond the separate self
V – Venerate all that is sacred (clue: all of creation)
X – X is for Christos (the anointed one) and a life anointed by Spirit
Y – Yearn to be a pure vessel for the Light of God
Z – Zero in on all that is beautiful and worthy of praise

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Reveal 27 Jan - 2 Feb

You Chose Card no. 1

King of Fire/Wands. This is a take charge kind of week. You are filled with vision and inspiration and have a chance to inspire others to be/do their best as well. Go for it – This is a time for taking action and making your dreams come true. Your sense of conviction will propel you forward. Just be careful to not burn yourself out and do try to pay attention to detail (this might be difficult due to all the excitement).

You Chose Card no. 2

Two of Earth/Pentacles. Things are starting to speed up this week and you might find yourself doing a lot of things on the fly. A lot of changes and adjustments are made to maintain balance. Planning is extra important this week, as you juggle all your chores and duties. This can also be a card of messages and important correspondence which will require immediate action. Forewarned is forearmed!

You Chose Card no. 3

Two of Fire/Wands. You are making choices to take you in the direction of your dreams and desires this week. Your sense of clarity is increasing and you may also start feeling braver as you step firmly onto your path. This is a high-energy week for you, so make the most of it. It’s also a great week for sports and exercise (especially if you start feeling irritable). Just make sure to protect your head if you engage in contact sports since this is Mars in Aries energy.



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