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Week Ahead Pick a Card+ Full Moon Video Messages

Pick a Card for the Scorpio Full Moon Motherpeace Tarot

Hello my friends – Happy FriYay! Are you feeling this super intense Scorpio Full Moon we have coming up tomorrow yet? I blogged about the energy for this lunation HERE and because this is such a special Full Moon in terms of momentum for EPIC transformation, we are doing things a bit differently this week…

Instead of the usual general oracle forecast for the week ahead, you get to pick a Tarot card combination below and then listen to an individual message for what you need to release this Full Moon.

The reveal for the week ahead messages from the Motherpeace Tarot can be fond below the video. Please take a moment to ground your energy and release any tension before making your selections for both draws.

I’m excited about making videos again because there is so much I want to share with you. My ‘I’m back!!’ video is about some of the reasons why I’m back to making videos, what happened during my hiatus and my epic journey of transformation which includes losing 14 kg / 32 lbs since January this year…

Pick a Tarot card combination for what to release this Full Moon

Pick a card combination from the Star Tarot and the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle about what to release on the Scorpio Full Moon, 2019. For general guidance about this lunation, please CLICK HERE.

Go to 00:45 for card combo no. 1
Go to 02:09 for card combo no. 2
Go to 03:30 for card combo no. 3

Week Ahead Motherpeace Tarot Message – Reveal

You Chose Card no. 1

3 of Disks. A great week for getting plenty of work done, upping the amount of exercise you do and for working together with other people on various projects. Don’t let your ambition and perfectionism get the better of you though. Cut yourself and others plenty of slack and make sure that if you build walls, it’s to keep you and those you care for warm, not to put up barriers between yourself and the world around you.

You Chose Card no. 2

2 of Cups. A great week for spending time with friends and family. Increased intimacy is possible when it comes to your love life because you feel free to share yourself with your beloved, unafraid to reveal your vulnerable emotional underbelly. Plan a date or arrange to meet up with a friend. Visit an elderly relative. Focus on listening and truly caring for the person you are with rather than on what you are going to say next. Relationships blossom when we are fully present and here/hear with the heart.

You Chose Card no. 3

6 of Cups. Ride the wave of the intense emotions that are being stirred during this Scorpio Full Moon. Much of your past is flooding back in. Some of it will bring pleasant memories but there will be some rather painful debris floating back up to the surface as well. Don’t resist the painful memories. Clear, forgive and release with love and gratitude for the lessons and healing they bring instead. You are wiser and more open/accepting of the struggles of others thanks to these painful memories… A bit more humble too, dare I say.

Love & Light,


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