tarot and oracle card reading for the week of 10 feb 2020 pick a pile

Week Ahead Self-Care Readings – Pick a Pile!

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa and pick a pile of cards for the week ahead, my dear. The focus on these readings are on how to love yourself better in the week ahead, no matter what. We are working with the Quantum Oracle and the Voyager Tarot for these readings, for the week starting 10 February, 2020.

Take a moment to ground your energy before choosing your pile. Make sure that you breathe any tension out of your body and allow your inner guidance (your soul’s sat nav) to choose for you.

Check out the Full Moon in Leo Coeur de Lion Tarot spread for courage!

Pile 1

pile 1 voyager tarot and quantum oracle week ahead reading

The only reason you have been hiding your light under a bushel is because you like to play it safe. You fear people’s judgement and opinions more than you like to admit – even to yourself. You pretend to yourself that you prefer your own company and have no need to be out there in the big world doing stuff, when really you would thrive from sharing your creations with people and you would have the joy of seeing others benefit from your gifts.

Self-love remedy: This week, start playing and doing more of the things you love just for the sake of it, instead of worrying about any outcomes or how your creations will be received.

Allow yourself to truly enjoy your own creativity and start using more positive self-talk as you simply observe what emerges when you start to free yourself from the self-imposed limitations that come from playing it safe all the time.

Do one group activity. Be yourself and be generous with yourself.

Affirmations: I allow myself to play. I’m here on Earth to play more and share my creative joy with others. My inner child is a valid guide.

Pile 2

pile 2 voyager tarot and quantum oracle week ahead reading

You are a sensitive soul, probably with a lot of Piscean influences in your natal chart and/or transits. Your sensitivity is your greatest gift but lately it has felt more like a burden and you have done everything in your power to numb your senses – possibly with alcohol or other substances. This is understandable since it is tough to feel the pain of others so acutely… but the only way to relieve your own pain is to help free others from theirs.

Self-love remedy: This week, as the Moon wanes, use the momentum to reduce your intake of toxic, addictive substances whether they are consciousness altering/numbing or just serve to give you a (sugar) high.

It is time to become acutely aware and to trust your sixth sense more. The world needs your gift and it has to be unpolluted. Lovingly feed yourself with nutrient-dense food and make sure to stay hydrated. Keep away from the toxic media stream.

Affirmations: My sensitivity is my greatest gift. My gifts are needed on Earth. As I purify my mind and stay alert, important messages and prophecies flow through me.

Pile 3

pile 3 voyager tarot and quantum oracle week ahead reading

You have been frustrated and blaming circumstances as the reason for not being able to complete your work and/or achieve your goal. The real problem is jealousy and comparing yourself with others instead of keeping a positive intent and focus on what you wish to achieve. You have been busy cultivating a victim mentality and all it’s doing for you is shrink your horizons down to nothing, blocking the opportunities that would otherwise flow your way.

Self-love remedy: This week, let go of your need to check out what everyone else is doing and mentally comparing your work to theirs. This is between you and the Power, by whatever name you know it.

Choose one task to bring to completion this week. Make it your goal to do your best and to not worry about anything else. Plan a reward for completing this task. Learn to self-validate. Allow your curiousity to be your guide, rather than whatever everybody else is doing.

Affirmations: My curiousity is a great gift that helps me expand my horizons. My gifts are unique so it is pointless comparing them to what others are doing. I can achieve great things when I stay focused.

Blessed be!


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