week ahead pick a card 13-19 november tarot readings

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings - November 13-19

Happy FriYay, my friends! Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has definitely been doing its thing this past week. Masks are coming off. Personally, I’m grateful when people show their true colours even when their true colours aren’t as pretty as the mask. The truth is the only thing that can lead to deep healing. With all these Scorpio energies, the process is by no means pleasant but all the more effective – Think of it as soul surgery, if you will.

On Tuesday, we are coming up to the Full Moon in Taurus. Find out what this will mean for you personally (pick-a-pile), as well as what is happening on a collective level HERE.

Please take a moment to take a couple of deep breaths. Breathe in light and breathe out tension, worry and negativity. Allow yourself to feel your connection to Mother Earth and the stillness within your own heart before making your selection above.

For this week’s forecast, we are working with the Quantum Oracle and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

Pile 1

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings - Pile 1

Things have not exactly been peaceful lately, have they? To restore some stability to your life, you could do with the help of a professional. This could be some kind of legal or financial expert since overspending seems to have caused problems for you. This cycle of turbulence is ending one way or another but it’s up to you if you can start building a solid foundation for the next cycle and you will be much better off in that respect if you ask for assistance.

For some of you, these cards are talking about a job situation ending in a workplace with a lot of drama. It is definitely for the best that you are being let go of or choosing to walk away. Just make wise plans for your financial future for the next few months to weather this storm and ask for help if you need it!

Pile 2

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings - Pile 2

This week sees a lot of love and romance coming your way. You have experienced a recent heart opening… I’m getting the image of a rose opening its petals to the sun here… and this new vibration of love that is radiating from your aura is like honey to bees.

You can pick and choose among your suitors this week. Just a word of caution: You could be drawn to the person who seems the most fun and adventurous and there is nothing wrong with that… if all you wish for right now is a playmate. If you want longer term, you will need to look further afield or go for someone who doesn’t have the same immediate appeal and charisma.

Pile 3

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings - Pile 3

You have been given the thankless task of being the mediator of peace in a very stressful situation this week. It will feel thankless because even though you are doing your best and going beyond the call of duty, your hard work will not be recognised by those who are stirring things up – If anything, blame could be directed your way.

Let this be between you and God. Any time you choose kindness  over a need to prove that you are right (or they are wrong), you are letting a little bit more of the Divine Light into the world. Call on Archangel Raguel for assistance with bringing harmony to this situation. Your efforts will pay off but it will be nearer the next New Moon when heated emotions have had a chance to cool off.

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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