week ahead pick a pile rune and tarot reading 2-8 march 2020

Week Ahead Rune & Tarot Pick-a-Pile Readings

Week Ahead Rune & Tarot Pick-a-Pile Readings, Week beginning 2 March

Hello my friends, I hope you are well and enjoying the first signs of spring (or autumn if you’re down under)! We’re having a story weekend here in the UK, courtesy of ‘Jorge’ but I managed to go for a lovely walk with the dogs yesterday before it got too bad. We walked across a wee beck that looked and sounded so jolly in the sunshine that I wanted to share it with you:

Take a minute to ground your energy. Relax and use your breath to release any tension. Set the intent to receive Spirit guidance for the week ahead and then make your selection above.

For this week’s readings, we are working with the Millennium Thoth Tarot (affiliate link) and my own, homemade Elder Futhark runes.

Pile 1

Pile 1 Tarot and rune readings pick a pile for 2-8 March

This is a wonderful and joyful week for you, for the most part. You are moving forward with ease and grace in more than one way. You are able to succeed with pretty much anything you set your mind to because you are disciplined with your time and find it easy to focus on what matters most (even if that is not normally the case).

Friendships and/or romantic relationships bring you much happiness and contentment this week. If you have been single for a while and hoping to meet someone, it is likely that your wish will come true this week.

This is a GREAT week for teamwork and also for setting a the intent for something new you wish to manifest. Your emotional self is completely on board for this, so you won’t be second-guessing yourself or what you wish to manifest, which means you will bring it to you with much greater ease than usual.

A lucky week, some might say!

Pile 2

Pile 2 Tarot and rune readings pick a pile for 2-8 March

Fortifications are crumbling this week and walls are tumbling down. This could be walls and boundaries you have with other people to help you feel safe but it could also concern your finances.

In the case of this being about a relationship, the old saying ‘sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to come together’ springs to mind. This will mean either starting over in the relationship you have or finding someone with whom you are a better match.

For others among you, this week may bring bad news financially. This has to do with something breaking down, a gadget or a piece of machinery that you are completely reliant on. While this may feel like bad luck at the time it is happening, you will find that someone who really cares about you is quick to rush in to help you and things will work out, so please don’t worry!

This week definitely has an ‘expect the unexpected’ feel to it for you, so please be careful and stay safe, especially if your immunity is compromised. Don’t be afraid to ‘look silly’ if you decide to look out for number one and cancel trips or events!

Pile 3

Pile 3 Tarot and rune readings pick a pile for 2-8 March

Rarely has there been a better time for get-togethers with kith and kin. Positive energy is flowing and you will come away from such reunions feeling boosted, inspired and full of love.

This ‘socialising mojo’ also extends to networking for new career opportunities so stay open and alert to opportunities to connect with people who may be able to further your career or support your work in some way.

If your work relates to communication, media or writing, you will do exceptionally well because your inspiration is flowing freely – no writer’s block here! The key is to stick to what flows from your heart and not doubt and second-guess the messages that want to come through.

The same is true if you are a spiritual leader, medium, psychic or minister. You are able to provide inspiration and nourishment for your soul tribe.

If you don’t fall in either category, this is a totally FAB week for diving deeper into your psychic gifts. New spirit guides are keen to connect and begin working with you!

Have you checked out your MONTH AHEAD forecast for MARCH yet?

Blessed be!


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