week ahead tarot and oracle card forecast week starting 7 October

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well. It’s a very autumnal week here in the North of England and the leaves are starting to change. It’s a beautiful time of year for going within and my favourite time of year to start new studies. At the moment, I’m doing a Principles of End of Life Care course through my local college. I’m absolutely loving it and feel very strongly that these studies are tied in with my calling somehow, though I don’t know exactly how yet.

For the week ahead readings this week (7-13 October), we are working with the Lightworker Oracle and the Millennium Thoth Tarot. Choose either the septarian (pile 1), the black tourmaline (pile 2) or the mother of pearl (pile 3) for your weekly energy reading.

Pile 1 (Septarian)

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card Lightworker Oracle and Millennium Thoth Tarot Pile 1

Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes this week. Just keep speaking your truth and be careful who you let into your circle of trust. If you feel as if someone needs to prove themselves worthy first, trust that gut instinct. Call on Lady Nada for divine justice in your relationships, so that you avoid any involuntary entanglements. Focusing only on your own truth will help you avoid getting caught up in a web of lies. Truth and love are your shield.

This is going to be a busy week for you so you may not always feel like you have time to meditate to align with your inner truth. Call on the assistance of Lady Nada to guide you back in a single heart-centred breath, breathing in unconditional love and devotion for all that is pure and holy. This will help you burn through the illusion that someone is trying to cast around you in the days to come. The other person is full of fear and not as strong as you, which is why they do not speak the truth.

Pile 2 (Black tourmaline)

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card Lightworker Oracle and Millennium Thoth Tarot Pile 2

Your own desires are causing confusion this week. The challenge is to restore clarity and harmony, and the struggle is real. It’s going to demand some serious ‘ego mortification’ (dethroning of the separate self). The good news is, you’ve got this and you don’t have to do it on your own.

Call on Archangel Gabriel for help with emotional purification from desires that lead you to excess or negative/destructive behaviours.  Refocus and redirect your energy and activities toward your goals and your life purpose.

You are facing an intense awakening or initation this week if you avoid hiding in old habits and addictions. This could bring about the death of the old you and the birth of the new, empowered and visionary you.

Pile 3 (Mother of pearl)

Week Ahead Pick-a-Card Lightworker Oracle and Millennium Thoth Tarot Pile 3

Allow your devotion to the Divine to fully transform you in the week ahead. Dive deep into spiritual studies and heal some of your deep emotional wounds once and for all. Remember that the true purpose of all spiritual and religious paths is a reconnection between your soul and the heart of the Divine. This is especially important to remind yourself of if you have a tendency to isolate yourself and feel as if you have to fix everything yourself. Opening your heart to the Divine in devotion opens the floodgates of grace and becomes a source of true power – power that can heal and transform anything.

Archangel Uriel stands by to help you transform past hurt and regret to a sense of not just being a survivor but of being truly victorious. You sometimes focus too much on where you are still struggling. It is time to acknowledge all your many victories along the way and to give thanks for the grace that got you to the point where you are now – wiser and better able to inspire others by shining your light.

Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg