Weekly Rune and Tarot Forecast 16-22 March Norse Tarot and Runes of Yggdrasil

Weekly Forecast 16-22 March

Weekly Rune and Tarot Forecast 16-22 March

Hello my dear friends, how are you doing? I know a lot of people are either anxious or suffering from full on panic due to what is happening in the world now. We have been told that this will affect everyone for months to come but nobody knows exactly what will happen or whom it will affect the most.

Some of us are joking about how we miss the good old days when there was nothing but Brexit on the news. I won’t analyse the current pandemic here but instead do what I can to help, which is to (in addition to the regular weekly forecast) offer FREE distant healing. Please comment under the post on Facebook if you wish to receive these daily healing sends and/or if you wish to take part in sending. If you do not own a Facebook account you can email me to be included instead.

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Take a moment…

…to tune into your inner guidance before making your selection of rune and Tarot cards above. This week we are working with Freya Aswynn’s Runes of Yggdrasil and the Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett.

Pile 1

Weekly Rune and Tarot Forecast 16-22 March Norse Tarot and Runes of Yggdrasil Pile 1

A lot of mental stress is showing here with the 8+10 of Swords. Algiz is a rune of protection and here it is very clear that what you need to protect yourself against is fear, anxiety and overthinking.

The antidote? The Ace of Wands shows us that the best thing you can do now is take action. Any time you feel yourself overthinking and/or worrying, DO something instead.

So what can you do? Make a list of things that will benefit yourself and / or those you love. Then it will be easy to pick one thing on the list instead of trying to come up with something constructive when your brain is already totally stressed.

Pile 2

Weekly Rune and Tarot Forecast 16-22 March Norse Tarot and Runes of Yggdrasil Pile 2

Hagalaz with the Prince of Disks speaks of disruptions related to your work. This could be something small-ish like a break from your normal routine and having to work from home, all the way up to being laid off due to the global financial crisis that is accompanying the pandemic.

The key to navigate this space is to remain adaptible as well as to understand that everything you need to do your work in a different way or to start over is at hand (The Magician).

The bigger picture is worth bearing in mind with The World as the action advice. You can ‘level up’ thanks to what is happening now, even though it may not be clear how.

This much is certain: If you ask for guidance from Spirit, you will receive it for every step of the way — There is no need for despair. You will feel this more deeply than others which will make you better equipped to act as a guide and comforter to those who are not so able to trust in the Divine.

Pile 3

Weekly Rune and Tarot Forecast 16-22 March Norse Tarot and Runes of Yggdrasil Pile 3

Fehu and the Hanged Man means that now is a good time to stop spending and wait for better times to roll around. Only buy the necessities and literally nothing else. If you can do this there really is no need to worry.

The Wheel of Fortune is right at the very bottom dip for you right now financially, which means that it will inevitably start turning back up again soon. So sit tight and make a list of things that are free that you enjoy doing by yourself and/or together with loved ones.

Staying calm and not allowing yourself to not be overcome with worry about your finances is the key to seeing new opportunities as soon as they appear on the horizon.

Blessed be!


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