Angelic Tarot Message for the Week Ahead

Angelic Tarot Message 25 Sep – 1 Oct

Angelic Tarot Message for the week ahead

Equinox Blessings, Friends! Welcome to Libra Season and the final full week of Mercury Retrograde! I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. For our Angelic Tarot message today, we are working with the Guardian Angel Oracle Deck and the brand new Sufi Tarot. I will share a full review for the latter next week but if you want to see all the cards in the Sufi Tarot before then, check out this video flip-through to music.

ETA 26/9: The review is now available HERE.

The Sufi Tarot (Insta link) is created by Ayeda Husain who was kind enough to send me a review copy of her beautiful deck. And I’m not ashamed to admit that it was love at first sight, a love that deepened after I spotted angel wings in some of the card designs. This deck most definitely has an angelic feel to it and you can expect to see it often here on Angelorum.

Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Message with the Sufi Tarot and the Guardian Angel Oracle Deck

Week Ahead Tarot Message 25 Sep – 1 Oct

The themes for the week ahead are the resolution of karmic debt, integration of lessons learned, and a return to innocence. All of this adds up to a renewal and revitalisation of mind, body and soul.

Our Shem Angel of the week is Yelahiah, Yoh-LAH-Heh. Yelahiah is the Angel of the Warriors of Light. He teaches us to remain peaceful and to respond with kindness, even in the most trying of situations. Under his auspice, karmic debts can be resolved and we are free to start afresh, unencumbered by the past. If you are seeking justice in any kind of legal matter this week, call on Yelahiah. This is also a good Angel to call on for exposing false Light Teachers who seek to manipulate the masses.

The Sufi Tarot brings us Pir (The Hierophant), Daughter (Page) of Cups, and the Two of Staffs (Wands). The challenge this week is to not fall prey to false teachings that keep us karmically bound. We do so by connecting with the truth of our own hearts. Deep down, we are all innocent because we are all children of the Light. When we become still and meditate, we are able to connect directly with the Divine. This is our birthright. Never mind those false teachers who claim there is a certain belief or religion you must adhere to before you have a right to connect with Mother-Father God.

As we emerge from clearing the final shreds of karmic debt, we must resolve to remain in the light. All the choices we make from hereon in must serve to align us with our true self (aka Higher/Angelic self). Contemplate what better choices you can make for yourself in the week ahead, in light of this.

Draw on Tradition

When Pir/The Hierophant shows up, we are reminded that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. If you wish for a return to innocence and firm trust in the inner guidance of your Angelic Self, there is a well-trodden path you can follow. Allow for guidance to flow from the tradition that you feel at home in. This doesn’t mean you have to renounce everything else as a lie.

Find the prayers and/or mantras that you are familiar with and that you know work. Choose crystals that are proven to clear negative energy and elevate your frequency, etc.

Know that your spirit guides have walked down this path before you and are ready to assist you. All you have to do is ask.

Part of the reason you were born into the culture that you were born into was that there were already teachings in place within that culture’s spiritual or religious tradition that best serve to help you find and stay on your path. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore and learn from other teachings too but it provides you with a starting place that allows for speedy integration.

Quote of the Week

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
― Gustav Mahler

Affirmation of the Week

I return to innocence and align with my Angelic Self through inner and outer guidance.

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