week ahead angelic tarot guidance

Angelic Tarot Week Ahead Guidance

Angelic Tarot Week Ahead Guidance with pick-a-pile readings

General Angelic Guidance for the Week Ahead

Archangel Michael brings a message about the importance of staying in our integrity and acting from that integrity this week. Integrity simply means that we don’t allow ourselves to become reactive and fragmented. Another way of looking at it is that integrity is often about ‘staying in our own lane.’

With Archangel Michael, we also get the themes of truth and justice. Both are currently being violated on a never before seen scale and often by those who have set themselves up to ‘fact-check’ the rest of us. If you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and shouting, ‘The lies, the lies!,’ you are not alone.

The guidance from the Angelic realm is as exquisit as it is simple: focus on beauty and love this week. We are entering the month of love, so this general energy of love being amplified can help us stay more heart-centred.

When you do the things you enjoy and that bring you as well as others joy, you are always in your integrity. The more of those kinds of things you gravitate toward, the less fragmented and affected by the illusion now parading as factual reality you become.

Archangel Michael in the image above is from the beautiful Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters. For the individual pick-a-pile readings this week, we are working with the Heaven and Earth Tarot.

Pick-a-Pile Readings

Take a moment to tune in to the image at the top of the post. Allow yourself to be drawn to one of the four four crystals (amethyst, black tourmaline, clear quartz, or blue lace agate) for your individual pick-a-pile reading.


week ahead pick-a-pile amethyst

Fated events will bring a conflict involving you and another person who controls an aspect of your life to the surface this week. All the more important to abide by the angelic guidance above. The Queen of Swords is a fierce guardian of truth and justice but this week, she may come up against powers she can’t defeat – at least not the usual way, with words. She must learn the power of keeping silent until the energy shifts in a more organic way.

Black Tourmaline

Angelic Tarot Week Ahead Guidance Pick-a-Pile Reading

This week sees the start of some creative venture for you. Bear in mind that what you are meant to create/give birth to next must be for the Highest Good. Only when this is your focus, will you gain clarity about the first steps on the new path before you. Get this new month started as you mean to go on, this could see the start of you making some big dreams come true. You must act and not sit on the fence about it!

Clear Quartz

You’re revisiting an old heartbreak you thought you had healed because you think you have moved on. It’s known as ’emotional lag.’ Thankfully, you will be supported in this healing process by someone with a motherly and nurturing influence. This someone could be your actual mother or it could be the Divine Feminine. Either way, they are sure to help you back to a state of wholeness and integrity. You still have to do the work, of course but it’s nice to feel supported, isn’t it?

Spirit is telling me that for some of you, this could be about healing an old wound regarding your relationship with your mother. In that case, Spirit wants you to know – it’s not too late, even if her soul has left the earth plane. Forgive and open up to the love that is still inherent in this relationship and available to tap into.

Blue Lace Agate

There is a great awakening taking place in your life this week. When the scales fall off your eyes, you will will gasp at the amount of lies and deception all around you. This may not be a pleasant experience but it is the beginning of you stepping into your power and integrity, so that you can be a force for beauty, goodness and truth in the world. You will need to learn the true meaning of ‘Be ye innocent as doves and wise as serpents’ now. Allow Spirit to show you when to speeak and when to keep silent.


Lisa Frideborg

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