angelic week ahead guidance

Angelic Week Ahead Guidance

angelic week ahead guidance

General Theme for the Week Ahead

The Angel of the South from The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters gives us a theme of embodiment, grounding, and releasing tension. This beautiful Angel is related to the Element of Earth. It is asking us to view the whole world around us as Sacred, including our own bodies.

Questions to Ponder

How can you look after yourself better in the week ahead? What physical needs have you been neglecting? How can you be in better harmony with the environment? What if it’s not your job to pass judgment but it is your job to love and nurture?

The secret to living without tension is so simple that the simplicity of it is why it tends to get overlooked. When you live from the realisation that love has already won and begin loving everything and everyone, you simply can’t be tense.

Tip for the week ahead

Go for a walk in nature and observe the world around you. Truly use your senses to take in what is happening and be fully present. Find a tree and connect with its essence in a way that works for you. Listen to what it has to teach you about releasing tension and being fully present.

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Readings

The deck we are working with this week is the In Between Tarot by Janine Worthington. You can choose your pile reading in one of three ways, either choose the Element associated with your Sun or Moon sign or simply pick the Element that is calling to you.

Fire is top left. Water is top right. Air is bottom left. Earth is bottom right.


week ahead pick-a-pile reading fire

You’re fed up with the ‘the Man’ dictating what you can and can’t do and this has (understandably) put you in a grumpy mood. However, if you switch your focus what you can do, you’ll be much happier.

Put the focus on what you can do to bring joy to loved ones, friends and family. Put the focus on expanding the freedom of your heart. You are about to enter a much happier phase of your life once you achieve this and realise that true freedom is a gift you give yourself through love.


week ahead pick-a-pile reading water

This week is all about a return to innocence and creating what can almost be described as your second happy childhood, whether or not your first one was happy. You are getting your creative mojo back and are able to bring this into your worklife where you are likely to receive recognition for your creative input.

You have a natural awareness of the fact that your life is not your own. Whenever you place your state in a creative flow this week, you are likely to come up with solutions that benefit mankind in some way. Enjoy the deep connection you feel to all of life this week!


week ahead pick-a-pile reading air

Your big, loving heart has been breaking over and over at what you perceive as injustice and inequality, not just for yourself but for others. It’s time to flip perspectives and look at how you can begin sowing seeds of justice, peace, and harmony in your immediate environment. The injustices of this world are not your burden to carry.

You have had this weight on your shoulders for so long now, this sense of responsibility for everyone’s happiness. Can you see how unhappy this is making you? Nobody wins that way. The seeds of justice will begin to mature when sown in gladness, in the plot that is yours to till.


week ahead pick-a-pile readings earth

Low expectations are killing your momentum. Become aware of your tendency to always expect the worst, even when you are off to a good start on a venture or project. Your own emotions act as a wet blanket and this has become habitual for you.

This week, you will have a chance to break this pattern once and for all. Liberation becomes available when you own your shadow. The trick is to not berate yourself when you notice that you lack self-belief or motivation, or that you expect others to let you down.

Reverse the pattern by beginning to take excellent care of yourSELF by nurturing your mind and body with the kind of things that vitalise and uplift. You’ve got this and don’t forget to call on the Angels to help as well!

Well, that’s all for this week, friends. I hope you enjoyed your angelic week reading and that you have a great weekend!


Lisa Frideborg

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