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Angelic Tarot Week Ahead 7-14 March – Work Focus

Angelic Tarot Week Ahead 7-14 March Work Focus

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! It’s been a ‘dreek’ (cold, dark and drizzly) week up here in the North of England, after a weekend full of springtime sunshine. Well, today the sun finally returned and with it the good cheer that seemed to elude so many of us this week. So double-yay for Fri-yay!

In the image above, you will find three piles. The one under the crystal you feel most drawn to is for you. From left to right we have an amethyst cluster, a selenite heart and a rough piece of rose quartz.

For this week’s pick-a-pile readings, we are working with the Gilded Tarot. Before scrolling down to your individual reading, take a couple of minute to listen to this week’s general Angelic Tarot guidance for the collective below. The theme for the individual readings is work.

If you are currently on furlough, raising children, retired or unemployed, the work theme still applies. We all have a purpose, so please apply this message to the part of your life purpose that most closely ties in with the daily grind, even if that is more or less just about looking after yourself at the moment.

Mehabiah and the 2 of Pentacles


week ahead 7-14 march work theme

This week looks busy for you. You could be facing some kind of deadline. The challenge in terms of staying flexible/adaptable as per the 2 of Pentacles in the general week ahead reading becomes very much about keeping your temper in check so that harmonious relationships can be maintained (including your relationship with yourself).

The best way to ensure this is to create a work schedule for the week ahead. Set some clear productivity goals and carve out the time needed for achieving those objectives. Also, carve out time for socialising. A trip somewhere scenic in good company would be especially beneficial in terms of recharging your battery.

The 8 of Pentacles is a sign that your natural inclination is to demand perfection of yourself. It’s time to focus away from that and on how to create harmony for yourself. If you find yourself grasping after perfection and driving yourself mad in the process, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Affirm, ‘I choose a state of harmony and relaxation.’


week ahead 7-14 march work theme

Your work is tied in with your spiritual calling and at the moment you are feeling stuck. Your heart isn’t in what you are doing on a daily basis, so you need to change your routine. However, before you can change your routine and increase your output, you need to take some time out.

The High Priestess is a sign that you need more silence in order to hear that still small voice inside your heart. There has been a disconnect and as much as you fear it may be permanent, please understand that you have an invitation to return here and now.

Now is a good time to start a contemplative practice where you allow yourself to soak in the radiance of the Divine. Put aside productivity goals and replenish your soul.

Your heart is dry. Moisten it with tears of desire for the Presence. Allow for the miracle of Divine Reconnection.

Rose Quartz

Are money worries keeping you up at night? It’s time to stare the scarcity monster square in the eyes because it’s been feeding you lies about your ability to support yourself financially.

With The World as the challenge, it is clear that what you are here to do workwise is tied in with your natural gifts and talents. The sooner you start focusing on your strengths with gratitude for what the Divine has provided you with, the sooner you will be able to support yourself abundantly through doing the thing you love, which is what Spirit has called you to do.

Worrying about failure is toxic. You have to stop feeding the scarcity monster in your mind. Focus instead on what steps to take to achieve your goals. This week you can make great strides toward leaving behind a legacy, something truly amazing that you will be remembered for.

You are so not here to merely get by. Make one change this week. Start doing something that would be part of your daily routine if you did that thing you wish to be getting paid for doing. More importantly, put yourself in a mental-emotional mindset of what it’s like to be doing the thing you love, as often as possible. Feed that instead of the scarcity monster!


Lisa Frideborg

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