Ark Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings

Ark Week Ahead Pick-A-Pile Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Ark Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are doing well. It’s getting more like summer here in the North of England at last. This morning, I had a visit from one of the animals that shows up in the Ark Tarot for this week’s forecast. It was Squirrel. He came to dig up a couple of the hazelnuts he’d buried in the front garden. He ate the first one while looking at me as I looked out at him from our kitchen window. Then he dug the second one up and hopped off. What a great way to start the day!

Before choosing your pile above, take a moment to ponder the message from Dragon in the short video below. Then choose pile 1 (circle), pile 2 (hexagon) or pile 3 (triangle)

Pile 1 – Circle

Ark Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings - pile 1

This week, you are stepping into your creative power and realising just how much of an impact you can have on the fabric of society. You see yourself from a bird’s eye perspective and understand that nobody else can do the work that you signed up to do in this lifetime. You can also clearly see and sense that you will get much more done if you do more of what brings you joy.

Your primary tool for transformation is your creative imagination. The challenge this week is to find some physical tools and resources that are a good fit for what you are inspired to do. Simply ask Spirit to guide you to them and it will be so. You are supported on this journey and you have much happiness to look forward to this week as you begin to truly sense just how loved you are by the Divine.

One of your gifts as a Seer is the ability to detect patterns. You also know which resources to use to get truthful data about what is going on, for the greatest good. When you use these God-given abilities with your creative imagination, you become an unstoppable force for good!

Pile 2 – Hexagon

Ark Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings - pile 2

This week is all about how you nurture yourself and others. If you have did not receive enough love or weren’t made to feel safe growing up, you can achieve deep healing for that this week. The reason for this healing being available to you now is because of the work you have already done. You are now ready to completely draw a line under past wounds to avoid future re-wounding.

The future and safety of children are of great concern to you. Do not worry but open your heart to joyfully give the care and guidance you are able to provide from your own experiences as and when you are invited or called to do so this week.

Trust that everything is happening with perfect timing. Trust that you are a source of comfort to the little ones. Your heart is precious. You have suffered much but it has only made you more beautiful. Children are naturally drawn to you thanks to your compassion. Each moment with them is precious and you are able to bring some magic and healing into those moments.

Pile 3 – Triangle

Ark Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings - pile 3

Stress could cause creative blocks this week. It is time to slow down and ground your energy. Seek inspiration and healing in mother nature until your stress levels have gone way down.

Your willingness to give and to keep giving even beyond your natural limitations and levels of exhaustion is causing you to run on empty. I wouldn’t be suprised if you snort chuckled just now because you are well aware of this tendency… But are you also well aware that every time you allow this to happen, your anxiety levels start creeping up.

Please step on the brakes this week and listen to what your heart and body need to regenerate and revitalise. You might be suprised because it may be something entirely new that is waiting to come through. However, until you pause and come up for air, you won’t be able to see it or receive it.


Lisa Frideborg

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