choose your crown tarot readings for the week ahead

Choose Your Crown Week Ahead Tarot Readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! It’s time for the week ahead Tarot readings. This week you get to choose your crown: King (gold, pile 1), Queen (gold and ruby, pile 2), or Prince (silver and sapphire, pile 3). The deck we are working with for the individual pick-a-pile readings is the Tarot Draconis.

Please make sure to read the general guidance for the collective below first. Your individual reading ties in with the general theme for the week ahead. Guidance for the collective this week is with the Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle and the Dragon Path Oracle.

Week Ahead Rune and Oracle Guidance for the Collective

week ahead guidance for the collective with the witch's runic oracle and the dragon path oracle

Your inner GPS is firmly fixed on your True North this week and you have the energy/power (Inguz) to start moving forward (Raidho) in that general direction. It is fitting and just that you crown yourself this week. You are a son or daughter of the God and Goddess. You were born into the world at this time for a reason and you have a mission to complete. Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith this week! Just be careful to keep grounding your energy on a daily basis.

Ways to ground your energy:

  • Walking barefoot outside (Earthing)
  • Hug a tree
  • Eating a nourishing, warm, homecooked meal
  • Take a cold shower
  • Visualising roots going down from your feet to the core of the Earth/Gaia/Jord

You can ask Gaia/Jord directly to help you stay grounded and connected to the world around you. The dragon of Gaia/Jord can also help you release any blockages that keep you from fulfilling your mission. Allow her to transmute any heavy or negative energy that is holding you back. It is possible that you will need to sacrifice/release something that you thought important in order to do what you came here to do. Know that making this sacrifice will ultimately benefit you personally too.

Choose Your Crown Week Ahead Tarot Readings

choose your crown tarot readings pile 1

Pile 1 – King

Allow yourself to be a beginner this week and don’t be afraid to ask questions. That is how you learn and progress on this new path that you are on. This path is all about other people: how to work together with them, as well as how to be of service to them.

You can trust your gut feelings about the people around you now. Allow yourself to attract all the right ones in and don’t worry about the rest. Boundaries are important but will come naturally as you start bonding with your tribe, as long as you stay centred and grounded.

This is a very exciting week, bustling with new meetings and imaginative/innovative new ideas. The guidance for the collective to stay grounded is especially important to you. It is shown by the Queen of Pentacles as the action advice here.

Don’t be afraid to take new initiatives or assume a leadership role this week. You may feel that you don’t know all you need to know quite yet… But you most likely know more than many others in the group and they will look to you for guidance.

choose your crown tarot readings pile 2

Pile 2 – Queen

Be patient with yourself this week. You have reached the turning point and will be ready to take your leap of faith by the end of the week, closer to the Full Moon. It is likely you will want to hide under your cover during the first part of the week. Rest assured that this too will pass!

Please understand that there is a deeper underlying reason for why you have had such a tough time lately. This is especially true for any of you who have suffered from debilitating anxiety. As you come out on the other side of this, you will serve as a beacon of hope and optimism for others who struggle in similar ways.

In the cycle of sowing, cultivating, harvesting, and taking stock, you are reaching harvest season. This is especially true for any late bloomers out there who have been wondering, ‘Is it ever going to my turn?’. You are reaping the benefits of all the hard work you have done, including shadow work. Your patience will not be tried for much longer.

Moving forward, you will need to take stock of what is yours to share with the world and how to do it. You will feel it has all been worth it once you start shining your fully embodied soul light into the world. Keep transmuting the darkness into light and know that you’ve got this!

choose your crown tarot readings pile 3

Pile 3 – Prince

Expect some good fortune to come your week. This ‘luck’ (reaping what you have sown) is likely to appear either in the form of some kind of business opportunity, unexpected work, or a more experienced partner/colleague who is willing to help you get a leg up. Do not hesitate to leap on this opportunity!

It is important to stay grounded and centred this week so that you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to turn things around financially.

If you have been poorly, you can expect your vitality levels to return this week. However, here too it is dependent on you leaping on an opportunity in the form of a new remedy or healer that you come across. Don’t get mired in self-pity. Instead, calmly keep grounding your energy until the right therapy/therapist comes along.

Some of you will no doubt discover that you are the healer/therapist you have been waiting for. This is especially true for any Earth sign reading this. You will begin healing when you play to your strengths. In this instance, you will come across an important piece of information that helps you tap into your own unique healing power.


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