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Dragon Wisdom Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well, wherever in the world you are. As you may have heard through the grapevine, we are coming up to Eclipse Season with a Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th. In yesterday’s channelled message, there is some information pertaining to this lunation.

For the week ahead pick-a-pile readings, we are working with the Dragon Wisdom Oracle and The Muse Tarot. Before you choose your pile above, please take a moment to tune into the Dragon Wisdom message from earlier this morning. There is a spiritual activation with this message that you can choose to receive by setting the intent.

Speaking of setting the intent… Traditionally, during an eclipse, you are meant to set the intent for the next six months. My guidance from Spirit is, ‘Forget it!’ Things are shifting way too rapidly on Earth now for that to be meaningful. Far more important than aligning your intent with any of the celestial bodies, is being attuned to your Higher Self and going with the flow. The activation below will definitely help give you this adaptability, should you choose to receive it.

Pile 1

You are experiencing a rebirth and a Dark Night of the Soul this week. Though this is a big step on your spiritual journey, Spirit assures you that the process will not be long and drawn out. It coincides with the Eclipse to help boost and speed the process up for you. Marvel at how wonderfully cared for you are.

It may still be difficult to stay positive, especially when you look at the world around you. Understand that each living being is busy walking themselves Home, just like you are. And though their trajectory may differ from yours, all is well that ends well. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for a season and none of us know exactly how long it will last. Even Jesus couldn’t answer his disciples when they asked about the timing for it. ‘Only the Father knows’

So stay centred in your heart and focus on being the love you want to see in the world. That is all that is required of you right now. If you do that, the shadows will fall away, all by themselves.

Tarot Cards: Muse of Inspiration (King of Wands), Death, 10 of Voices (10 of Swords)

Pile 2

Beloved, you are gifted with the baptism of Holy Fire this week. This is yours by choice and by setting the intent to receive it. Should you choose to not accept this gift, you will continue to struggle with limiting beliefs and conflict for a season longer. This is your opportunity to free yourself.

Light a candle and gaze into its flame. Imagine yourself stepping inside the flame. Allow the flame to burn away all self-doubt and all need to be right. Visualize yourself being energised and nourished by the flame. See the version of yourself that has been renewed by the Element of Fire step into your Solar Plexus chakra.

Give thanks to the Divine for allowing this complete renewal. And make three affirmations that anchor in your higher vibration and confidence levels. It is done.

Tarot Cards: Muse of Emotions (King of Cups), 5 of Voices (5 of Swords), Queen of Inspiration (Queen of Wands)

Pile 3

You are finding a way of freeing your self-image from how the perceptions and labels applied to you from the outside. You realise that you have been a willing participant in this game of mirrors but you now seek greater levels of freedom. There is a need to expand beyond imagined boundaries and limitations.

You are actively exploring those boundaries now, seeing them for what they are. In the Dragon realm, you may find some really good allies for this type of exploration. One such ally is the Mirror Dragon who comes in on the green ray of love.

Look at the image above and see how the colours in the Dragon Oracle card seem to bleed into The Hermit card below it. This tells me that you intuitively know what to do to access this energy. Just close your eyes and ask the questions you need to ask of the Mirror Dragon. These could be questions about personal power, freedom, balance, creativity etc.

Let questions lead to more questions without a definite need for an answer or label. This is truly what freedom looks like. The Universe is unlimited so don’t limit yourSELF.

Tarot Cards: Knight of Emotions (Knight of Cups), The Hermit, Knight of Inspiration (Knight of Wands)

Summary for the Collective

What I see for the Collective in the three readings above is greater levels of maturity, especially when it comes to believing in ourselves. Much work has been done and therefore quantum leaps can be achieved for many this week. This comes with a massive ‘Well done!’ from our guides and guardian angels.


Lisa Frideborg

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