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Good Friday Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Good Friday Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Good Friday Blessings, my friends. My guidance for the day is not to make it a day of mourning. Meditating on the suffering and crucifixion of the Lord is certainly a valid spiritual exercise. It helps us let go of our egoic pettiness as well as deepens our devotion for the Master. But in my morning meditation, I was guided into the I AM-ness of the Lord directly as I connected with the living Yeshua.

I AM that I AM

He said to me that he did not come so that men would grovel before him. Then he said, ‘Repeat after me: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה)‎, This Hebrew sentence means “I am who I am”, “I will become what I choose to become”, “I am what I am”, “I will be what I will be”, “I create what I create”, or “I am the Existing One.”

Yeshua came to teach us to embody the fullness of our Divine potential on Earth.

At the end of the Age of Darkness, these teachings are becoming more fully available thanks to the rediscovery of many ancient manuscripts being unearthed. We are on the threshold of the Age of the Holy Spirit now. We can soon stop flickering in and out between a state of awareness and falling back asleep but first, we must let go of our egos.

As spiritual infants, we remained for two thousand years in a phase of needing others to tell us what to believe instead of connecting directly with the Divine. We remained in the forecourts of the Halls of Wisdom as if the words of priests carried more weight than the words of the Lord himself–He who said “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

It’s time to move on and become true adepts. Those who have gone before us can act as Wayshowers but it’s up to us to make the connection.

Contemplation Point for the Week Ahead

Today’s logion from the Gospel of Thomas:

Yeshua said, “Blessed are those who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven.”

Logion 54, Gospel of Thomas

On the cross, our Lord showed us what true poverty in spirit looks like. It throws everything away, emptying itself of itself because it regards it as nothing compared to the wisdom and glory of G-d. The cross is the ultimate emptying out so that the Light can come flooding in with its resurrection power. Alleluia!

Pile 1

good friday pick a pile tarot readings for the week ahead pile 1

Mastery of the physical and emotional realm becomes possible this week as you seek to align with Divine Harmony and Justice/Righteousness. You are an empath who may have previously struggled with the physical side of things. You now see the interconnectedness of all things clearly and trust your inner guidance. This enables you to peacefully create from a sense of true abundance.

Poverty consciousness is not what Yeshua is speaking of in the logion above. He is speaking of the emptying out of ourselves because of compassion and realising that everything we have is a gift from G-d. You get that now. You understand that sidestepping your ego allows you to step into the abundance of the Divine via gratitude for all of life. This is true resurrection power.

King of Cups, Justice & King of Pentacles

Pile 2

good friday pick a pile tarot readings for the week ahead pile 2

You have patiently (sometimes not so patiently) waited for good things to come your way. Unless you allow the seed to fall to the ground and die first, you’ll be waiting forever, putting off happiness until some unknown future moment. What you were waiting for wasn’t real. When you die and are reborn you will see this with great clarity. Your joy will be boundless here and now.

That is when you will find structure and true power to co-create a life that is worth living… and it’s much grander than you’ve imagined. You have within you true leadership ability. Perhaps you were waiting for someone to give you permission to take the lead. Permission granted.

7 of Pentacles, XIII Death & The Emperor

Pile 3

good friday pick a pile tarot readings for the week ahead pile 3

You are moving forward in leaps and bounds in the week ahead. Your destiny awaits you — One where you are truly able to express yourself, without the fear of how others might perceive you.

In the past, the opinions and feelings of others often kept you from doing anything that might rock the boat. You’re ready to graduate from that way of relating now because you are gripped by a larger vision of life and your mission. Take BIG action and BIG, BOLD risks this week. If you are following your inner guidance, you will know what opportunities are worth the risk.

You have a beautiful, radiant light within you that the world needs to see more of. Don’t let your egoic fear of judgment dim that light!

6 of Cups, The Sun & The Wheel of Fortune

Love and Blessings,


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