haamiah pick a pile tarot reading week ahead fruits of the spirit

Haamiah, Spiritual Fruit, and Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

haamiah gospel of thomas logion 45 week ahead pick a pile tarot readings

Before scrolling down to the individual pick-a-pile Tarot readings for the week ahead, take a moment to meditate on the reading for the collective from the Divine below. For this week’s pick-a-pile readings, we are working with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle and the Angel Tarot Cards. Haamiah above is from the Guardian Angels Oracle.

Choose the silver bell, green aventurine and cross pendulum or the rose quartz angel below for your individual reading.

haamiah pick a pile week ahead tarot readings gospel of thomas fruits of the spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit

According to the Bible, there are nine fruits of the Spirit:

  • Faithfulness
  • Self-Control
  • Patience
  • Goodness
  • Gentleness
  • Joy
  • Kindness
  • Peace
  • Love

In the Gospel of Thomas we learn the following about the fruits of the Spirit:

Jesus said, “Grapes aren’t harvested from thorns, nor are figs gathered from thistles, because they don’t produce fruit. [A person who’s good] brings good things out of their treasure, and a person who’s [evil] brings evil things out of their evil treasure. They say evil things because their heart is full of evil.”

Logion 45 (Translation in the Public Domain)

What’s important to realise is that while the fruits are from the Spirits, it is we who must cultivate those fruits. A heart that is left to its own device is a reactive heart. It’s an unfaithful heart that lacks self-control and therefore all the other fruits of the Spirit.

What is your heart full of? Which fruits would you like to cultivate this week?

Haamiah and the Fruits of the Spirit

I asked Spirit to show us a helper from the Angelic realm for the week ahead. Haamiah (‘God who is the hope of all’) is the angel that can help us cultivate the fruits of the Spirit this week. He is the 38th Shem HaMephorash Angel (Kabbalah). According to Christine Payne-Towler, Haamiah is the nighttime angel of the first decan of Libra and corresponds with the reversed Ace of Swords.

The Ace of Swords Rx is very much a card of self-control and of keeping a strong focus on one specific objective to achieve. Narrow things down this week. Release distractions. Tighten your schedule and say no, without apology, to anything that is not helpful in terms of reaching your goal. Visualise what you wish to have achieved by the end of the week and get to work. Be patient with yourself and others when you run into obstacles on the path.

Silver Bell

silver bell week ahead pick a pile angel tarot cards and angels and ancestors oracle

This week brings an opportunity for the expansion of your career. If you have been feeling stuck, things are now starting to move and move very fast indeed! Expect lots of interaction in the form of text messages and emails from old and prospective new clients/customers or collaboration partners.

Trust your gut and respond in the affirmative to those messages that make you feel excited. You could even see some additional income this week. The more of you give of yourself and your natural talents/abilities, the more appreciation and recognition (and money), you will receive.

It’s time to expand and take those next steps that your inner guidance is pointing you toward taking. This is especially true if your career is of a spiritual and holistic nature. You love what you do and the more you help people feel your passion, the more traction you will gain for your career goals. What people need now, more than anything, is to reconnect with their playful spirit. The more you can assist with that, the more abundance you’ll help generate for everyone.

Aventurine Pendulum

green aventurine pendulum week ahead pick a pile angel tarot cards and angels and ancestors oracle

The days around the Equinox (20 March) is a time for you to start over with a clean slate. Use the momentum of the Universe for a reboot. You’ve been feeling stumped about how to move forward for quite a while now because you have doubted yourself. If you set the intention to start this new astrological year feeling more confident and optimistic, things will gradually turn around for you.

It’s all about trusting your inner guidance. You are not alone. You are loved and your contribution is valuable. Spirit is guiding you. The Divine has not forgotten or forsaken you; it is you who have not taken time out to tune in through prayer, contemplation, and meditation. You’ve been expecting the solutions to come from your mind but your mind has been tied in knots from all the negativity you have absorbed.

You now have a chance to reboot your system and shift toward a more trusting, optimistic and intuitive way of navigating your challenges. Things may not develop as quickly as you would like this week but if you are patient and act on your inner guidance, you will be on the path to success.

Rose Quartz Angel

rose quartz angel week ahead pick a pile angel tarot cards and angels and ancestors oracle

You’re coming to the end of a cycle in your life this week. It’s not just that it’s the start of a new astrological year; it’s more personal for you and you’re struggling to let go of the past or how you have always done things. This is because you still haven’t found what will work in the future. You’re in a weird sort of limbo, a kind of dark night of the soul. The sooner you lean into this and accept this for what it is, the sooner things will begin to turn around.

The spirit guidance around you is very strong right now. Tune into it and trust it. You can set the intention to receive messages in dreamtime, for instance. Also, look out for animal messengers.

There is a slow upward turn happening for you this week and by the end of it, you’ll feel on top of the world again so hang in there! You are being tested for a reason. What you are moving into next is something that will contribute to the healing of the world. Hold onto this seed thought. Know that your purpose is sacred and that you are being guided through what is effectively an initiation into next-level ways of doing what you came here to do.


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