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Magic Week Ahead Tarot and Rune Readings – Pick a Pile!

Hello my friends and happy FriYay! I hope you are all keeping well on this the 211th day of January (I know that’s how it feels sometimes!). We have a magic week ahead Tarot and rune reading this week. For the individual readings, we are working with the Tarot Draconis. Pick a pile by choosing your magic hat: Burgundy for Pile 1, Teal for Pile 2, and Purple for Pile 3

As always, please read the general guidance message for the collective below before scrolling down to your individual week ahead reading. The oracle we are working with this week is the Dragon Path Oracle.

General Guidance for the Collective

general week ahead guidance for the collective with the dragon path oracle

This week’s message is all about becoming clear about what it is you wish to manifest in 2022. Unless you have clarity, you will lack focus, and without focus, your actions will not bring you anything different from what you are already unconsciously manifesting day by day.

So take a look around! Are you happy with what you see around you? If not, write down three things you would like to change by the end of the year. Then write down the changes you would like to see for each of these three things. It’s important to be specific. Only when you get specific can you get the miracle dragons, Magic and Manifestation, to swoop in and help you.

Dragons amplify our magic but they work with those of us who are willing to also DO the work, including the prep work of becoming clear and creating specific goals. We don’t know exactly how to get from A) where we are to B) where we want to be though. That’s where we should allow for the miracle dragons to bring their powers of magic and manifestation to us.

Manifestation Magic Week Ahead Tarot and Rune Readings

magick week ahead tarot and rune readings pile 1

Pile 1 – King of Cups + Fehu

Pay close attention to how you feel about things in your life right now. Things may appear correct and logical on the surface but deep down, you have a nagging feeling that things are not as they should be. Believe the feeling over your rational mind. You can trust your inner guidance this week–It is spot on!

Your intuitive powers are seeking expression and once you begin allowing this, you can begin watching your abundance, as well as your sense of wellbeing, grow.

This is a great week for sowing the seeds in the year ahead for both creative and financial ventures. Don’t allow your rational mind to limit your possibilities of generating prosperity. Instead, follow your heart and your inner True North of Joy. Your imagination is your greatest gift to the world and you deserve to be handsomely rewarded for it!

magick week ahead tarot and rune readings pile 2

Pile 2 – King of Pentacles and Jera

Be grateful for you have already achieved so much and much more can be achieved in 2022. Feelings of gratitude amplify your manifestation mojo. There are very few limits on what you are capable of materially this year if you put your heart and mind to it.

But first, you must take stock and check what’s in your metaphorical warehouse already. This is how you become clear on where to manifest your resources next. Think about manifesting in terms of the next harvest but also the legacy you wish to leave behind for future generations.

It is likely that you are responsible for the material well-being of other living beings. This is part of the reason why you have been blessed with the level of abundance you already enjoy. As long as you keep your focus on continuing to be a good steward of your resources, the blessings and help from Spirit will keep pouring in.

magick week ahead tarot and rune readings pile 3

Pile 3 – Queen of Pentacles + Berkana

Proclaim 2022 to be a year of self-care, beautiful soul! You have a tendency to work yourself to the bone. Take a proactive approach to counteract this tendency in the weeks and months ahead. Spend a few days this week brainstorming about what changes you can make on a daily and weekly basis to nurture your mind-body-spirit.

Maybe it is your body you have been neglecting, or maybe it’s your inner child that needs to come out and play more. Perhaps your eating habits could do with an overhaul. Are you drinking enough water? It could also be your mind that needs to be better nurtured. This could involve not only adding in more reading but also detracting time spent on social media.

You love to care for others but, as the saying goes, you can’t draw from an empty well. So let’s get cracking on filling that well up with water that runs sparkling and clear. Finally, make sure that your connection with the Divine Feminine is strong and allow yourself to be nurtured by Her often!


Lisa Frideborg

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