muse taro treadings pick a pile for the week ahead

Pick a Pile Muse Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Muse Tarot pick-a-pile readings for the week ahead

Happy FriYay, my friends! It’s time for the some pick-a-pile Muse Tarot readings for the week ahead! It’s October and Halloween is getting closer so we are going with a pastel Halloween theme today. You have a choice of bat for pile 1, raven for pile 2 or spider for pile three.

Before you scroll down to your individual Muse Tarot reading, take a moment to read the general message for the collective from Spirit below. For the oracle message this week, we are working with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle.

Week Ahead Reading for the Collective

As we approach the Full Moon in Aries, we are getting close to another cycle ending and a new one beginning. This is the time of the Third (and final) Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. Now is a time to give thanks and to let go of any excess by generously sharing our abundance or recycling that which no longer serves us. This is true not just of things but of energy and energetic connections with other people. If you are leaking energy now, it’s time to pull that back and recycle so that this energy can be used for going within.

During the dark half of the year, earthly activity tends to slow down. Most of the growth takes place within the psyche and on the astral plane instead. This is why so many magically minded folks love autumn/fall. Autumn makes space for magic to grow and expand.

The Wise One is showing up today to ask you to commit to inner growth and excellence in every area of your life. Soon it will be time to review this year and start setting goals for next year. Review your current commitment levels and think about where you may need to tighten things up so that you can make your ancestors proud.

Ultimately, the Wise One teaches us that what we do in life is always tied in with the Highest Good. This is why we should always strive for excellence. Remember, excellence is not perfection… Your best is always good enough. But are you truly giving your best now? There is almost always room for growth and improvement. Regular reviews and accountability help you stay on track!

Muse Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Muse Tarot Readings - Pile 1

Muse Tarot Reading Pile 1

You are focused on achieving success in your career this week, as well as improving your financial situation. You know that improvements aren’t likely to occur rapidly but you are willing to keep a positive focus to achieve your goals little by little.

It could be time to review your relationship with money, especially if you have been programmed to believe that money is hard to come by or that there isn’t enough to go around. Use positive affirmations and self-hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind to improve your relationship with abundance and finances in particular.

You are worthy of earning a good living. Your motives are pure so don’t let your relationship with money become a stumbling block on the path to success!

Muse Tarot Readings - Pile 2

Muse Tarot Reading Pile 2

You will find yourself in a state of inspired, creative flow more than once in the week ahead, my friend. The vibes of the Season suit you down to a tee. Keep vibing with them and find others who are doing the same. Inspiration can flow from within but it can also come as a catalyst from spending time with other people who contribute new seeds of inspiration.

Now is not the time to hide yourself away from the company of others. Don’t be afraid to shine your light! You never know who you will inspire to make a positive change. You have the X-factor this week. If you feel it’s time for a make-over to reflect some changes inside you, you’re probably right. The wallflower look is not for the likes of you!

Muse Tarot Readings - Pile 2

Muse Tarot Reading Pile 3

Has it been all work and no play for too long? It’s time to take a break. God only knows what disasters you will avert by reducing your stress levels and allowing yourself some playtime and downtime.

Do not ignore this message. You can always return to the grind once you have recharged your batteries. Nobody wins when you run on empty. Running on empty and being stressed/sleep-deprived also increases your risk of accidents.

Plan a couple of downtime activities that you know will help you rest up and feel motivated again. Learn to delegate and know that there is no shame in asking for help!


Lisa Frideborg

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