pick a box week ahead tarot readings

Pick a Box Week Ahead Tarot Readings

pick a box week ahead tarot readings with the wild unknown tarot

Happy FriYay, my friends! For the pick a box week ahead Tarot forecasts, we are reading with the Wild Unknown Tarot. Choose the red box for Pile 1, purple for Pile 2, and green for Pile 3. Before scrolling down to your individual reading, please take a moment to ponder the general week ahead guidance for the collective below. Your individual message ties in with the general reading with the Crystal Reading Cards.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

general week ahead guidance for the collective with the crystal reading cards

Can there be healthy boundaries if bodily autonomy is taken away from us? No, of course not. And that is the BIG THEME this week. We have to fight tooth and nail to maintain bodily autonomy and sovereignty. Once those boundaries are gone, all boundaries are gone. Once a mandate for forced medical treatments is in place, what’s to stop more forced forms of interference with our bodies?

Red Jasper is also a reminder to keep grounding our energy in the week ahead. Staying grounded helps us to draw on the strength of Mother Earth (and the gods know we need it now!). Doom scrolling will obviously interfere with feeling grounded so stay away from it as much as possible. Instead, take grounded action to fight for our freedoms in the week ahead.

Personal boundaries in our relationships are also highlighted this week for some of us. The divide and conquer tactics from the Dying Powers are sadly creating problems for many of us in our most intimate relationships. Bear in mind that only people who respect your freedom to choose are worth keeping around.

Pick a Box Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Pile 1

Since you are a sensitive sort of person, you need to extra care when it comes to personal boundaries in the week ahead. This especially concerns encounters online. Too much negativity is feeding into your soul via social media platforms. So log off and focus on your own emotional wellbeing over staying up to date with what is happening in the world.

There is a new level of crazy out there because so many are exhausted from what has been going on since March 2020. You do not – I repeat, you do NOT – need that level of crazy in your life right now. Honour your sensitivity and nurture your soul for now. The future of mankind depends on it.

Pile 2

All the knowledge you have about the state of the world is bringing you down. But maybe you haven’t been asking the right questions. Perhaps your focus has been too locked in on the negatives? Don’t be afraid to take an honest look at how the research you are doing is impacting you emotionally.

Start asking different questions. Try asking them before you fall asleep at night. You will experience higher than normal levels of psychic sensitivity this week. So expect answers to your questions to appear in your dreams. Write your dreams down. Even if they don’t make sense immediately, they will further down the line.

Pile 3

You are completely focused on your own healing right now. This means you are exactly where you need to be. You are growing stronger and better able to make choices for yourself day by day. Keep honing your healing work and know that you are doing really well. This is how you become an asset to your community. You had the good sense to put on your oxygen mask before attempting to help others.

You will be called upon to make a choice this week. It most likely concerns employment or money matters. You will know how to make the choice that honours your unique path. Don’t doubt yourself!


Lisa Frideborg

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