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Pick a Magical Dimensions Oracle Card for the Week Ahead

Pick a Magical Dimensions Oracle Card for the Week Ahead

Happy FriYay! It’s time for the week ahead messages and today we are working with the Magical Dimensions Oracle by Lightstar. Pick a butterfly above for your FREE week ahead message: yellow (pile 1), white (pile 2), or blue (pile 3).

I was drawn to work with the Magical Dimensions Oracle after doing the general reading for the collective with the Dragon Wisdom Oracle below, so please check that message out below before scrolling down to your individual message. We are heading into a week of massive transformation and awakening. Dormant gifts and aspects of the Self are awakening — How exciting is that?!

Week Ahead Message for the Collective

Week Ahead Pick a Card General Message for the Collective from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle

Our dragon allies want us to awaken and align more fully with our calling this week. There are aspects within you that are still dormant, beloved Lightworker. It’s time to rub the sleep from your eyes and to own your gifts and your power completely! Perhaps you have been letting your excuses lull you back to sleep? Or maybe you have been afraid to be too different by being uniquely you?

This ends now. Use the power of this Waning Moon to release all your excuses and to make room for new habits that allow you to progress on the path of your calling. You have a mission to fulfill, so go get it! And if you work with the Dragon realm, you can call on the violet dragons of transmutation to burn away the old to make room for the new that wants to be born within you.

Please understand that if you are not excited about your life it’s because you still have gifts that lie dormant. Are you ready to answer your calling and go all in? Are you ready for a life ON FIRE?!

Magical Dimensions Week Ahead Message – Pile 1

Magical Dimensions Week Ahead Message - Pile 1

Your dormant gifts relate to intuition, clairvoyance, and visionary ability. This means that once you awaken your gifts, you will be able to act as a guide to humanity. It also means greater clarity for your own life and calling. But this life of yours is meant to be one of service to humanity for the Highest Good. Once you step onto that path of service and go all in, any lingering confusion will be dissolved.

This week, the best way to use the time that you dedicate to spiritual development is to meditate with a focus on your third eye and to practice the oracular arts.

Magical Dimensions Week Ahead Message – Pile 2

Magical Dimensions Week Ahead Message - Pile 2

Your dormant self is literally your sleeping safe. The call of awakening is for you to awaken to the power of your dreams. There are messages waiting to come through that can help you act as a guide for others, as well as to gain a greater understanding of yourself. You have the gift of dream interpretation. If you have not already dedicated time to recording, studying, and seeking to interpret your dreams, this is the week to start!

For some of you, this dream work relates very much to your creative potential. You can unlock much more of your creativity if you begin to take cues from your dreams!

Magical Dimension Week Ahead Message – Pile 3

Magical Dimensions Week Ahead Message - Pile 3

The dormant part that is coming to life fully for you this week is your connection with the angelic realm. It is part of your calling to work with the angels for guidance and healing. Many times in the past, you doubted yourself and the messages coming through. As you read this, I want you to invoke Archangel Michael to clear any lingering doubt.

Next, ask Archangel Metatron to show you the highest and best habits to help you create structure and spiritual discipline in your life. This structure will consist of positive daily habits that allow you to remain a clear channel for healing and guidance to come through.

Love and Light,


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