pick a clock week ahead oracle readings

Pick a Clock Week Ahead Oracle Readings

Pick a Clock Week Ahead Oracle Readings

Happy, FriYay! Wow, what a week we have ahead of us my friends!! BIG energy of (literally) earthquake magnitude as we approach the New Moon in Cancer. Many psychics and seers are talking about how we are reaching the tipping point for a mass awakening. Hence the pick a clock week ahead oracle reading theme.

Some claim the tipping point has been reached. However, my guidance is that we are teetering just at the tipping point this month. Now we have to be careful to maintain momentum for this mass awakening to impact humanity for the Highest Good. We need to start each day as we mean to go on. This is why I created a 15-minute guided meditation – a FREE gift from my heart to yours! This morning meditation will help you align and connect with your Spirit Team.

Week Ahead Pick-a-Clock Oracle Readings

We are getting a ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant’ from the Tarot today so please enjoy the message below before you scroll down to the individual pick-a-clock readings. Choose either Big Ben (card 1), Wall Clock (card 2) or Alarm Clock (pile 3). Whichever card you choose, please know that this week is going to bring BIG changes to your life. If you read the little message from Spirit for the collective below the three individual readings, you’ll see why…

Big Ben

Pick a Clock Week Ahead Oracle Readings Card 1

Unicorn is showing up to literally guide you to experience zero-point alignment many times over this week. This means that you are learning to be fully present with your spirit fully embodied. More and more, you will find yourself filled with awe of the miraculous nature of existence. Gratitude replaces apathy and love replaces fear.

If you thought you were awake, you are about to realise that there are always deeper layers of awakening to uncover. Your sixth sense is also awakening now to the more subtle signs that may have escaped you in the past. This also means that your natural five senses are heightened. You may, for instance, find yourself more sensitive to colour vibration and the impact of colour on your wellbeing.

Wall Clock

Pick a Clock Week Ahead Oracle Readings card 2

Your inner beast/lower nature is being goaded. You have a fiery temprament and a shorter than normal fuse this week. The trick is to harness all that fire for the Highest Good now. If you apply your wits to solving the puzzle before you, you will be able to take on more of a leadership position in your community, whether in real life or online.

Be very careful to not let a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality get the better of you. Your ego could be your worst enemy. Prep some humble pie to eat at the start of the week or you’ll have it handed to you from elsewhere by the weekend. Expect conflict with authority figures and know that the way to outsmart them is by keeping a cool head and yielding more than pushing. Don’t play their game on their terms. Instead, lure them into your maze.

Alarm Clock

Pick a Clock Week Ahead Oracle Readings card 3

You’re getting your wings this week. This is because your faith and trust in the Divine is being rewarded in a way that you can’t even describe. How could you possibly put words on what it feels like to know how loved you are by Creator? Where to even begin describing how good it feels to know that you are on the right path?

Your reward is a steady flow of creative inspiration. Everything you touch will receive some of that ineffable magic you possess now. So keep to this path of Divine Service and the rewards will keep coming. Oh, and one more thing – Forget about playing it small – Fame is literally on the cards for you, so keep listening to your inner muse!

Thoughts for the Collective About the Week Ahead

When I pulled three mythological creatures from the ARK Animal Oracle, I knew this would be no ordinary week. In an oracle that has 71 cards, only eight are strictly mythological. What are the odds that three of them would show up today? So I decided to ask Spirit.

Spirit: This is the week when the tipping point is reached. The three cards above can also be seen as a reading for the collective. The awakening that is about to happen is about a return to innocence. This is represented by the Unicorn. The Minotaur represents the ego reactivity that threatens this development. Pegasus represents the freedom we stand to gain by focusing completely on selfless divine service.

However, this is still in the balance. You all need to guard your hearts and not allow yourselves to be goaded into reactivity. We are watching over you. Turn to us for help. Just ask.


Lisa Frideborg

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