pick a life tarot and oracle reading week ahead

Pick a Leaf Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

pick a leaf tarot and oracle card readings for the week ahead

Pick a Leaf!

Happy FriYay, my friends, and welcome to the Pick a Leaf week ahead Tarot and Oracle forecasts! Wow, what a week it’s been! I’m sure you can feel the energies and some of the effects of the Taurus Full Moon lunar eclipse already. It’s not been an easy week and it looks like we might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride this winter in the wake of this eclipse. If you haven’t tried the bespoke Tarot spread I created for the November 2021 Full Moon Eclipse, you can access that HERE.

Before choosing your Tarot and Oracle card pile above (Green – Pile 1, Orange – Pile 2, Purple – Pile 3), please take a moment and check out the reading below. The general reading for the collective this week is with the Yggdrasil Oracle and the runes. For the individual readings further down we are also working with the Yggdrasil Oracle, in addition to the Angel Tarot Cards. Yep, I’m mixing the nine realms of Yggdrasil with the Angelic realm in today’s reading because that’s how I roll.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

yggdrasil oracle general guidance for the collective

There is no point in pretending that this isn’t going to be a tough week when the first rune to come out is Thurisaz. We are having our mettle tested. Because I’m doing this reading on the day of the most ominous of lunar eclipses, I’m also looking at what is under attack…

Wisdom Herself is under attack this morning. The powers behind the elites are trying to thwart mass awakening. We prevent this attack on the sons and daughters of Earth by caring for each other. When they seek to isolate us and keep us from meeting up so that we can talk to, comfort, and help each other, we do what we need to do to be there for each other.

You and I are meant to position ourselves firmly in the flow of giving and receiving. Abundance is about so much more than money. We are meant to have each other’s backs. Very little else matters now. So think about how you can be there for others and support them, both in practical ways and with words of hope, wisdom, and comfort.

Pick a Leaf Tarot and Oracle Card Readings for the Week Ahead

Pick a Leaf Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Readings - Pile 1

Green Leaf – Pile 1

You may be tempted to use hard control this week. That’s because you want to reconcile wildly opposing influences in your life. This is not a time to rush ahead. Things will only end up breaking apart if you do. Instead, focus on keeping your mind calm so that you can tune into the energy of your heart. This is where opposing energies can be reconciled through unconditional love. Reach out to someone in need. Sometimes, the best way to create harmony in our lives is to extend good feelings to someone else. Reconciliation could be on the cards.

Pick a Leaf Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Readings - Pile 2

Orange Leaf – Pile 2

Are you staying loyal to a situation or relationship that you would be better off without? You can be forgiven if this is the case. You truly love whatever it is you cling to. But sometimes we love things that keep us from moving forward in life out of fear. Check yourself and if that is true in this instance, work on loosening your grip. It’s time to move on and find a more life-affirming expression for the love that you have in your heart. You will have to face the unknown when you finally let go… It’s going to be okay. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Pick a Leaf Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Readings - Pile 3

Purple Leaf – Pile 3

Let go of your struggles and trust in Divine protection this week. Crawl up in the lap of whatever divine entity you believe has the power to keep you safe. It’s your ego that is keeping you locked into a pattern of constant fighting and butting heads with those you either don’t agree with or are jealous of. That’s not to say that you don’t need sound boundaries with some of them. But, truly, you are not creating any space for growth by constantly focusing on what you dislike about others. Consider that you may be projecting and work on being the best version of yourself instead.


Lisa Frideborg

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