Pick a Mermaid Week Ahead Messages

pick a mermaid week ahead message

Happy FriYay, my friends! We are coming up to the long-awaited Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces (click link for a bespoke Tarot spread) on 12 April. This is the conjunction of the classical (Jupiter) and modern (Neptune) ruler of watery Pisces in the sign they co-rule. Hence, I thought we would go with a pick a mermaid theme for this week’s Tarot readings. Choose the mermaid with the orange tail for pile 1, blue tail for pile 2, and pink tail for pile 3.

For this week’s readings, we are working once again with the Tarot at the End of the Rainbow. This is quickly turning into a favourite deck of mine. The feel-good factor of this deck is high and I hope it will bring a smile to you today as well. The general reading for the collective below is with the Priestess of Light and Angels and Ancestors oracle decks.

Do check the general guidance for the collective out below, before scrolling to your individual reading. Your individual reading is thematically tied with the general guidance.

General Guidance for the Collective

general guidance for the collective week of the jupiter neptune conjunction in pisces 2022

This week, with such strong Water energy, we need to find that Aries Fire to set strong boundaries. Those boundaries need to be set against anything that threatens to steal our peace. In this Age of Aquarius that we are collectively giving birth to, pretty much the only superpower we need is the ability to maintain peace of mind, no matter what comes at us from the outside.

Maintaining peace of mind only becomes possible once we let go of our need to be right. This, in turn, only becomes possible when we live from the heart instead of from the head. That obviously doesn’t mean that we should stop using our intellect but that our intellect should always defer to the greater wisdom of our compassion.

Please understand, that when you free yourself from fear, you can absolutely trust your heart. This is the direction we are moving into collectively as we awaken to higher-dimensional modes of operating in the world.

Also, please understand, that when we set boundaries against things that steal our peace, the boundaries are not against certain individuals. Rather, the boundaries are against the distortions of the minds of those individuals. Hence it is always possible to maintain unconditional love toward every sentient being.

If people are in negative states of mind, they are suffering. We can alleviate their suffering by not allowing ourselves to become reactive to their negativity. So do whatever practices you know to help nurture your superpower of peace of mind this week.

Pick a Mermaid Week Ahead Tarot Readings

pick a mermaid week ahead tarot reading pile 1

Pile 1

Hey, you picked the orange mermaid tail! Your theme for this week is freedom. You are realising that freedom comes from choosing companions who also value freedom above all else. This is your high vibe tribe that you will be moving forward with. Use the Full Moon in Libra to cut ties with anybody else. This will give you peace of mind rather than regret and anxiety that may have plagued you in the past.

You are levelling up and into higher-dimensional relating. Leaving haters and negative people behind is an act of compassion, not an act of judgment. They will awaken in their own time. In the meantime, nobody wins by you allowing them to tear you down. Just make sure to leave any last vestiges of your own negativity (especially any lingering cynicism) behind too!

pick a mermaid week ahead tarot reading pile 2

Pile 2

You chose the blue mermaid tail, oh wise one! Your creativity is blossoming this week, no doubt nurtured by the tidal wave of Piscean energy gushing forth from the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Maybe that is why you were drawn to the colour blue… So ride this wave, dear one and quickly move forward with any creative project that you feel inspired to begin now. Doing so will ensure that you plant seeds for future prosperity.

Please note that you need to be disciplined and organised to make this new project take root. Sit down and create a daily schedule that leaves room for your new creative venture. I promise you, you won’t want to miss out on what this might lead to if you combine your inspired creative state with a strong work ethic!

pick a mermaid week ahead tarot reading pile 3

Pile 3

Queen, you chose the pink mermaid tail and will be richly rewarded. Your intuition and psychic ability are being boosted this week. This, in turn, allows you to make perfect sense of the past. All of a sudden, you are able to see how your past and the stories you’ve been telling yourself fit in with what you are here to do. This means you can release your past now and stop identifying with your stories.

Thanks to this, you are now in a much better position for establishing your legacy. It can now be done in complete alignment with your mission blueprint.

There is a tendency to daydream a lot this week. In a week such as this, you must make allowances of course. But don’t let any important dreams slip away into the ether. Try to learn from them because they all count toward what you are here to build for the future. What if what you imagine could come true? The bigger the dream, the bigger the potential!

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