pick a moon phase faerie tarot week ahead readings

Pick a Moon Phase Faerie Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Pick a Moon Phase Faerie Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Happy FriYay, Spirit Warriors! I hope this intense Full Moon in Aries week has been good to you. Today’s readings are with the Faerie Tarot. We are entering that liminal time of the year now, where the veil between worlds is quickly getting noticeably thinner. Thanks to this, the weeks around Samhain/Beltane are the times of the year when you are more likely to catch a glimpse of the fae, landvettir, disir, house spirits, and other spirit beings. So doing a reading with the Faerie Tarot feels apt. Pick a Moon Phase for your week ahead message from Spirit! New Moon = Pile 1, Full Moon = Pile 2, Waning Moon = Pile 3.

Before scrolling down to your individual message, please take a moment to read the general message for the collective this week from Spirit. For the general message, we are working with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle.

General Week Ahead Message for the Collective

A change of direction is on the cards for you this week, my friend. You are going on a journey that will open up new horizons for you. This journey could be an inner one, or it could be about travelling to a physical destination in the outer world. Either way, you have received this calling to become the Wanderer now from Spirit so that you can increase in wisdom and bring more of your light out into the world.

So it’s time to leave the past behind and start making new connections. This is an exciting time and yes, it can be a bit scary, especially if you are travelling far enough to leave sight of the shore behind you.

Remember that you have your spirit guides as companions on these types of journeys. You can always ask them for insight and assistance. As you go on any journey (whether inner or outer), your vibration will begin to change. This change of vibration means that you will begin to attract different types of people into your life. Some of these people are there to journey with you for a short while, others will remain for life… So stay open and adaptable in the week ahead!

Pick a Moon Phase Week Ahead Faerie Tarot Readings

Pick a Moon Phase - Pile 1

Pile 1 – New Moon

This week brings an opportunity to begin some kind of collaboration or community work. This is a wonderful time for you to begin connecting with your soul tribe. However, since this is outside your comfort zone, you need to challenge yourself to remain open. Remember that showing vulnerability and keeping it real is what will bring you closer with your teammates. Don’t let past negative experiences keep you in a frozen, isolationist state of relating. You are wanted and your skills & gifts are very much needed!

Pick a Moon Phase - Pile 2

Pile 2 – Full Moon

With the increase of Scorpio energy this week, you are likely to notice yourself getting (even) more sensitive/psychic than usual. You can 100% rely on your inner guidance this week! Relationships are the main focus/theme for you this week. Your increased sensitivity will come in handy for both friends and romantic partners who are likely to want to open their hearts to you. In fact, you may even find total strangers open up and start sharing their life stories with you… Just make sure you have healthy boundaries in place if it starts getting a bit much!

Pick a Moon Phase - Pile 3

Pile 3 – Waning Moon

Ah, sweet soul, you are a dreamer, aren’t you?! The dreamlike quality of this week’s energies is making you feel like taking time off and spending most of it daydreaming… It’s not that it isn’t a good idea… Alas, it won’t be possible to spend too much time in cloudland in the week ahead. You have some very real obligations to meet. In fact, this week looks busier than usual. It’s more important than ever to take control and plan your schedule wisely. Delegate wherever possible to free up a bit of time for yourself. Alternatively, you could continue to do it all yourself, burn your immune system out and free up some time in a sickbed… but let’s not aim for that scenario!!


Lisa Frideborg

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