Pick a Pile Angel Tarot Week Ahead Readings

pick a pile angel tarot week ahead readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! How are you doing in the wake of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces? This recent powerful conjunction is a long-lasting influence. So it is likely that you are still feeling this one, especially if you have any planets or angles around 23 degrees in any of the mutable Houses (Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini). It’s not too late to try the Tarot spread I created for this celestial event if you haven’t done so already. I also created a spread for the upcoming Full Moon in Libra tomorrow. But now on to the pick a pile angel tarot readings for the week ahead!

For this week’s readings, we are working with the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. Please don’t skip reading the channelled message from the Dragons with the Universal Dragon Oracle below. They give us the general message for the collective this week. The individual messages all tie in with the message from the Dragons. And if you love Dragons, I highly recommend checking out my brand new site, The Dragon Codes, where you can learn all about the Ascension Dragons and their mission to help humanity Rise Up!

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective from the Dragon Realm

general week ahead guidance for the collective with the universal dragon oracle

Many of you have received your clarion call during this recent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, the Dragons are saying. You feel deeply attuned to your calling and mission blueprint as a Lightworker or Spirit Warrior. But are you taking action, Dear One? It is in taking action that you will find true bliss. We remind you that active service is its own reward. And it is taking action that will remove all fear. Don’t wait for the fear to go away. It will only go away when you do the thing you fear the most. We are here to support you all the way. Just ask and we will be there!

If this message doesn’t quite resonate and you are one of the ones who still feel you need more clarity before you can take action, please check out the Mission Blueprint Tarot Spread!

Your Angel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Messages for the Week Ahead

pick a pile angel tarot messages 1

Pile 1

It’s time for you to take steps to hone your craft. You are already a massively talented and creative person. And you are already quite unafraid to get stuck in doing what you love. But are you ready to go back to school to perfect what you already know so well? This doesn’t have to mean going back to school in a literal sense but it is about perfecting some skills that would make you more well-rounded.

Admitting that there are new things to learn takes humility. It also takes courage because some people may question if this is a solid move, especially if you are already making money doing something you love.

pick a pile angel tarot messages 2

Pile 2

You have the confidence to move forward this week yet you feel trapped by doubt. Will the resources arrive on time? You are bracing yourself against getting ‘let down’ by Spirit. There are still vestiges of poverty consciousness lingering in your subconscious mind. It’s time to revisit this space to remove this negative energy once and for all.

The angels are ready and waiting to help you shift this lack of faith. If you are called to do something (and you are), you need to know that all the resources you need will be made available. If something isn’t available, it’s simply not as necessary as you thought it might be. Begin with what you have. Dig where you stand. Everything will unfold beautifully.

pick a pile angel tarot messages 3

Pile 3

You are being asked to step up to the plate and assume more of a leadership role this week. You have been telling Spirit for a very long time that you would be willing to do this if only the right partner would come along. Well, it’s right here. It’s Spirit itself. So get into the habit of having daily chats with your Spirit Team members!

It is possible that you need to get a bit better organised to find the time to meditate and really communicate with your Spirit Team. If that is the case, please give yourself–and humanity–that gift!

Interestingly all three readings are all Earth and Fire Element cards! This tells us quite a lot about the upcoming energies in the week ahead. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get busy!

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