angelic tarot week ahead pick a pile money theme

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile – Money Theme

week ahead pick a pile money theme

Pick a Pile from the Tarot of the Good Mother

These readings are for the week beginning 21 February 2021. However, they are still valid if you land here at some other time – You were divinely guided to one of these messages about your finances!

Before scrolling down to your week ahead money message, take a deep cleansing breath and intuitively choose one of the three piles above from the Tarot de la Bonne Mère for your individual week ahead message. The first pile from the left is the fluorite, the second is the turquoise and the third is the clear quartz.

The pick-a-pile messages tie in with the general reading for the collective below, so please read the guidance below before scrolling all the way down to your chosen pile.

Angelic Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

Money. I don’t like talking about money. I wanted to talk about creative abundance when this card came up but the angels won’t let me. The reason I don’t like talking about money is that money is still rather an alien energy to me. I have been told that I spent many of my past lives in cloisters and perhaps that is why. I use money, of course, I just don’t like to think or talk about it.

The funny thing is that my biggest fear is the kind of abject poverty that would see me homeless, living (and dying) in the streets. Most of my dreams are variations on the topic of finding a place to live and not being able to pay my bills. My mother found herself homeless toward the end of her life and I’m constantly told by other family members how much I’m like her.

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

So yeah, I can see why talking about money would be helpful. I’m shown that I’m not the only one who is trying to hide from the 3D money side of things.

The angels want to show us how to cope with the reality of money but first we must be willing to face our fears. What fears are you currently repressing when it comes to financial abundance? You may have your ducks in a row in one area (regular income) but not in another (neglecting savings/investments), for instance.

I have to be honest with you, I feel intensely uncomfortable right now. I’ve winged it all my life, pretending not to worry about money. That is not what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Do not worry…’

It’s not that the angels want us to start worrying. Quite the opposite. They want us to be honest about what we do worry about so that we can release those fears to the Divine. Then we can begin seeking their wise counsel when it comes to money matters.

Money Magick

We are coming up to a Full Moon in Virgo on Friday. This is a good time to take responsibility for our money habits and – if need be – to come up with a better plan. Look at where you are spending too much and see if you can shift some of that money into savings/investments. Maybe you have some items you could sell and then put that money to work for you instead?

Friday is a good day for money magick (abundance of any kind). The colour candle to use is green.

If you need insight into how to direct energy for any working planned for the Full Moon in Virgo, you can use the Virgo Full Moon Tarot spread I created last year. It’s quite a general and adaptable Tarot spread. Customize it and set the intention for the reading you do to be about your finances.

Even just thinking about these things, as we enter the sign of Pisces today (19 February), can help us stay balanced this week. Pisces is the sign of the dreamer and as a Pisces Moon Sign, I know just how difficult it is to hold onto money under when we are influenced by this energy.

Fluorite Pile

pick a pile tarot money week ahead reading

You tend to spend your money on the kinds of things that make you look like a boss to make up for not feeling like the boss of your own life. Shopping makes you feel good and you allow your feelings to dictate how you spend money rather than taking charge of your finances.

This week, look at how you can create greater emotional stability for yourself without spending money. You may have to face some real sources of grief in the process and while this isn’t easy, it’s the only way to change your money habits long-term.

Turquoise Pile

This promises to be a good week for you financially but it’s conditional on you finding the right people to collaborate with or to trust with your investments. If you are used to going at it alone, it’s time to broaden your horizons now and look at how you can involve others in your vision for the future.

This could even be very close to home, such as getting other family members on board with how to begin creating a legacy for the future. You are awakening to your role as a steward for a portion of creation. This is big stuff but the good news is that you are surrounded by well-wishers, so make the most of the support provided now in the form of other people.

Clear Quartz Pile

This week is all about the balance between head and heart for you. You need a cunning plan for your financial future but you also need to make it line up fully with your creative passion.

Please don’t doubt that you have what it takes to be successful when you follow your calling. Ultimately, aligning with your life purpose can bring you financial success as well. It’s time to create peace between your mind and your heart and to begin taking steps to sharing your gift with the world.

Have a great week, my friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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