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Week Ahead Messages – Pick a Pile!

Happy FriYay, my friends! It’s time for your FREE Week Ahead Messages. For today’s pick-a-pile Tarot and Oracle card readings, we are working with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle and the Angel Tarot Cards.

Pick a pile above by allowing your intuition to guide you to the perfect message for you. But before you scroll down to your individual week ahead message, take a moment to enjoy the short Lion’s Gate Tarot video below.

Pile One

Wow, look at all that Fire! It’s safe to say that your inspiration levels will be off the chart in the week ahead. And like the Sage you are, you won’t be keeping it all to yourself but you will want to share this inspired wisdom with those around you.

The challenge is to not scatter all your energy and jump from one fun thing to the next. Setting yourself a goal for the week will be extremely helpful. But you will also need to schedule some breaks to just play and have fun. That’s how you stay inspired all week long!

A great week for networking and expanding your influence with a group of people. Your aura of fun, inspiration, and excitement will attract all the right people and circumstances to you!

Tarot Cards: 3 of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Wands

Pile Two

This is an emotional week for you, my lovely. Memories keep dragging you back into the past. Some of those memories could haunt you until you face them and deal with any concomitant shadow issues. The reason you keep having these flashbacks is that there is an energetic clear-out happening now, in the run-up to the zenith of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

The key to successfully remove any negative karmic influence from past experiences is to stay grounded and to meditate daily so that you can complete the shadow work you have been tasked with. You will know what to do. This is not your first clear-out round but it’s one of the most important. You’ll want to be ready for the new upgrades and downloads happening 6-8 August.

Tarot Cards: 6 of Cups, Page of Pentacles, 4 of Swords

Pile Three

Your inner guidance is nudging you to move on from where you currently are or what you are currently doing toward new horizons. Trust your intuition! Your life will improve dramatically in terms of both abundance and greater enjoyment of life.

A good way to start getting unstuck from your current circumstances is to start moving your body with some gentle stretches. The next step might be to go for long walks or day trips. Finally, taking a break to travel somewhere scenic and inspiring is what could help you see clearly exactly what your next big life move needs to be… But it really is all about building the momentum first.

Tarot Cards: Page of Cups, 6 of Swords, The Empress


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