Pick a Pile Readings for 26 June-2 July 2022

pick a pile tarot forecast for the week of 26 june-2 july

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. It’s time for another pick-a-pile message from the Tarot, for the week ahead. We are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot deck as usual

The week ahead reading for the collective is with the Priestess of Light Oracle and the Tarot of the Enchanted Soul (<—review, deck interview and video flip-through).

Please read the general guidance first. It is thematically tied in with the collective guidance.

General Guidance for the Collective 26 June-2 July

general guidance for the collective 26 june-2 july 2022

“After a while, the middle-aged person who lives in her head begins to talk to her soul, the kid.”

― Anne Lamott

With Death and The Moon showing up in the same reading, together with the Page of Pentacles (Earth of Earth), we are facing an Inner Child initiation this Cancer Season. I’ve engaged in this work myself as of the other day, so seeing these cards come up was confirmation. To help all of us, I created some self-care tips and tools for this reason. You can find them in my recent post 13 Cancer Season Self-Care Tips.

When The Moon card shows up, hidden fears are rising up into the light to be examined. In this instance, they relate to soul fragments that split off due to childhood abuse and abandonment Or, in the case you had a relatively happy childhood, due to feeling abandoned by the Divine/your Star Family. These fragments are now all ready to be reintegrated back into our energy fields. This is so that we can move forward as the stewards of the New Earth that we came here to be. The Death card is asking us to let go of the old, co-dependent and disempowered version of ourselves.

We are getting ready to rise up and crown ourselves. But first, we have to do the work. This means listening to our inner child and acknowledging/embracing our shadow.

What you can also do: Work with Archangel Sandalphon for help with tuning into the Earth’s silver-white energy grid for self-healing. Once the healing of the sense of not belonging has been completed, you can begin actively and consciously healing the ley lines and waters of Gaia.

Pick a Pile Messages for 26 June-2 July

pick a pile weekly tarot forecast 26 june-2 july - pile 1

Pile 1

The Empress next to the 2 of Cups is asking you to look at how your mother issues are affecting your closest relationships. Do the scales need to be rebalanced? It could be time to break an old pattern and level up. But maybe you have to do it on your own rather than with the one you’re with. The choice is yours.

Your wounding doesn’t run too deep and can be cleared quite easily this week if you are willing to move on/level up.

Work with Archangel Metatron for help with inner-child healing and to forgive yourself and your mother. Ask Metatron to show you any shady power dynamics that you are currently engaging in so that they can be released.

pick a pile weekly tarot forecast 26 june-2 july - pile 2

Pile 2

Boundaries in love are coming up as an issue for you to look at in connection with inner child healing. The potential for happiness in love is definitely there but first, you must examine any tendency toward co-dependency. There could also be a tendency to just go along with what your partner or friend wants to do just to keep the peace. Look carefully and honestly at any instances where you are compromising yourself.

If you are single and looking, this could be the week you find your perfect match. Emotional compatibility is on the cards.

Work with Archangel Jophiel to help you see the beauty and uniqueness of your own soul so that you are less tempted to blur the boundaries. It’s safe to trust and fall madly in love with life itself. You don’t need anybody else to complete you!

pick a pile weekly tarot forecast 26 june-2 july - pile 2

Pile 3

Here we are dealing with a clear case of abandonment and feeling cut off from the love of your mother. Your self-perception has been severely tainted because of this and you struggle with seeing how lovable you actually are. This wonky relationship with your inner child who is crying out for love has led you into many toxic relations. It’s time to clear this pattern once and for all now and begin mothering yourself.

If you have never had counselling, now might be a good time.

Ask Archangel Sandalphon for help with root chakra healing and a sense of belonging. Sandalphon can help you become more receptive to the many messages of love from the world around you. And remember, you are safe and you are love/loved. Your very existence testifies to how loved you are.

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