Pick a Pile Readings for 12-18 June 2022

Happy FriYay, my friends! How are things? I hope you’ve had a good week so far and that you’re ignoring the monkey b*ll*x. Can you believe it’s time for another pick-a-pile week ahead forecast?! For the 12-18 June pick a pile Tarot messages, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot deck.

The general week ahead reading for the collective is with the brand new Tarot of Dragons and the Unicorns Oracle. You can view a flip-through of the Tarot of Dragons HERE and I will post a review + deck interview next week.

It’s a good idea to read the guidance for the collective below before grabbing your individual Tarot reading. This is because the individual reading is thematically tied in with the collective guidance.

General Guidance for the Collective 12-18 June

“Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”
―Immanuel Kant

This week’s message for the Spirit Warrior collective is simple: Drop from the head into the heart and connect with a sense of awe. Doing so will not only help you remember why you came here at this time but also feel inspired to crack on with it. And remember, you don’t have to know your exact mission blueprint yet to shine your light in the world today.

I honestly haven’t checked the Astro forecast for 12-18 June but we are obviously in Gemini Season. So it is no coincidence that we have two Gemini energy cards here (King of Swords and 10 of Swords). There is some kind of message here about Gemini energy going into overdrive and I feel it could be happening ‘by design.’ I.e. MSM could be bombarding the general public with as much of their dross as possible to instil fear.

The message from Spirit is to bypass any such bombardment by focussing on how we can stay heart-centred and be of service. (Knight of Cups as Action Advice) It goes without saying that you are better off staying away from ‘the noose’ (news) and probably most social media in the week ahead. This does not equal denial about what is happening in the world. It means denying the Dying Powers the luxury of fabricating more panic and yet another crisis that will help them achieve their end goal.

What you can also do: Work with Archangel Raguel to balance your heart and mind and to stay true to your inner moral compass.

Pick a Pile Messages for 12-18 June

pick a pile tarot reading 12-18 june - pile 1

Pile 1

Well, my friend–It looks like you have some kind of initiation coming up this week. XIII Death=initiation here with the other two cards also being Majors. Are you prepared? It will require your strength and courage. You will really have your mettle tested and will have to make an important choice.

Alone-time in prayer and meditation will be essential so that you can stay connected with your Higher Self, your spirit team and your inner wisdom. You may also wish to purge and/or fast for clarity of mind. The Lovers (Gemini) is the test you must pass. The upcoming choice could be about a relationship (possibly ending it) but it will definitely relate to matters of the heart one way or another.

Work with Archangel Raziel to prepare your mind and integrate the strong energies and downloads that you are receiving now.

pick a pile tarot reading 12-18 june - pile 2

Pile 2

Something from your past is coming back to rock your boat and make waves. It could be a memory or it could be someone from your past returning into your life. In the case of the latter, this is not someone you should invite back in. Trust that whatever it is, this is coming back up for clearing/completion at this time.

It may not be easy but you’ve got this. In fact, it looks like it is going to hurt like hell. Remember that it is always darkest before dawn, especially when a karmic cycle is about to close. And yes, that is a cliché but sometimes clichés are true as you will find out for yourself this week.

Work with Archangel Sandalphon to stay grounded. Connect with that sense of awe mentioned in the General Guidance Message. Read wisdom literature to see the bigger picture more clearly and use music/prayers to heal and raise your vibration.

pick a pile tarot reading 12-18 june - pile 3

Pile 3

Gemini energy may actually agree with you this week. Especially when it comes to any creative projects you are currently involved with. You are full of creative ideas and many of them are excellent.

The challenge for you is to sort the wheat from the chaff so that you don’t become distracted. You have important work to do that you must focus on! The wise Queen of Swords will point you in the right direction. Or work with her totem, Owl, for insights about where to focus and direct your energy.

Your very important mission this week is to bring more beauty into the world, beloved. Many underestimate the importance of beauty. However, beauty is the medicine counter lever to all the dross pumped out by the Dying Powers via MSM.

Work with Archangel Jophiel to infuse yourself and the world around you with Divine Beauty.

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