Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Tarot for 17 – 23 July 2022

pick a pile Tarot for 17 - 23 July

Happy Friday, friends! Let’s get stuck in with some pick-a-pile Tarot for 17 – 23 July.

The week ahead guidance for the collective is with the Universal Dragon Oracle and the Crystal Reading Cards. The individual pick-a-pile readings are with the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

I highly recommend reading the general guidance for the collective first, before scrolling down to your pick-a-pile reading. Your individual reading is thematically tied to the general reading.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

general guidance for the collective 17 - 23 july

“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

― Alexander Pope

There is a lot of confusion about what being a Lightworker or Blue Ray or Indigo or Starseed really means out there. There are plenty of glamorous Insta and TikTok accounts out there that make it seem if it is about some kind of aesthetic or memecraft rather than rolling our sleeves up. It’s time to go back to the basics. We must realise that we are here to do real work.

You don’t need to know your exact mission blueprint or star family origins to begin the work. It’s important to understand that we mustn’t apply these labels to stroke our egos or to make up for having a weak sense of self. In fact, we don’t need to apply labels at all. It’s often better if don’t, especially with people who have no clue what they mean. We simply need to begin the work: a) forgive everyone, including ourselves, b) love everyone, and c) serve everyone in whichever way we are guided to by Spirit.

Earlier this week, I shared the following musings on forgiveness on Instagram:

“What happens when we forgive? We become unstuck. We can begin moving forward and expand out into the world again. Unforgiveness keeps us stuck and contracted. I like to use the Ho’oponopono prayer to communicate forgiveness as soon as I think of something from my past that requires forgiveness so that it doesn’t get hold of me and start impinging on me living my best life (i.e. my ability to be of service).

Ho’Oponopono Prayer

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you”

You can’t be of service to humanity when you are stuck and contracted. You need to always be ready to flow with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Service to humanity is not about acting on the ideas of the ego-mind, it’s about being open to the promptings of that still small voice within. And the first thing that voice will prompt us to do if we listen with sincerity is to forgive.

Sometimes, it is much harder to forgive ourselves than it is to forgive others. That’s because our ego clings to its pride. If we simply remember that it’s pride that stands between us and total forgiveness, it becomes easier to let go and surrender completely to the grace of forgiveness. The ego doesn’t like grace. It must work for everything to feel validated.

Pick a Pile Tarot for 17 – 23 July

week ahead tarot guidance 17 - 23 july pick a pile 1

Pile 1

There is a situation you have been trying to control when really, the best thing you can do right now is to turn your back on it and walk away.

Pay attention to how trying to control this situation is shrinking your feelings of joy and expansiveness. Find a way to make room within your soul by forgiving anybody involved toward whom you may feel resentment. Notice how your energy starts expanding outward again, as soon as you forgive.

You have been clinging to this situation so hard that you may have even forgotten what your other options look like. Take some time to meditate this week, for greater clarity and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Be grateful for the lessons learned.

week ahead tarot guidance 17 - 23 july pick a pile 1

Pile 2

Your increased ability to shine your light in the world has attracted some naysayers. It is true what they say, that when the light increases so does the darkness.

What can you do about it? Simply forgive those who seek to tear you down out of jealousy, insecurity and pettiness and focus steadfastly on the work at hand. Forgiveness leads to increase and enables you to grasp hold of new opportunities.

Stay grounded, centred and aligned. Pay attention to the details. You are already doing great work and your focus on excellence will soon be rewarded.

week ahead tarot guidance 17 - 23 july pick a pile 3

Pile 3

You have been patiently waiting for the Right One to come along for long-term romance. You have refused to settle for less than you deserve. What you want is a dynamic partnership and a shared vision for the future. It needs to be with someone who has a growth mindset.

The reason you are ready for this to happen now is that you have done the work of clearing the past, including extending forgiveness to everyone, including yourself. Well done!

So get ready! This may just be the week this person enters your life!

For those of you not single and looking, this could be a message about a potentially successful partnership of another kind. In that case, it will be supportive and enable you to reach higher than you could on your own. Cherish this person!

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