Pick a Pile Readings for 5-11 June 2022

Happy FriYay, my friends! It’s time for the weekly forecast! For the 5-11 June pick a pile Tarot readings, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot deck.

The general week ahead reading for the collective is with the Crystal Reading Cards, Universal Dragon Oracle and the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot.

Please read the guidance for the collective below before scrolling down to your individual Tarot reading. The individual reading is thematically tied in with the guidance for the collective.

And I hope you checked your June Tarotscopes already!

General Guidance for the Collective 5-11 June

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love”
Martin Luther King Jr.

The key to things moving forward smoothly as well as to increased confidence levels lies in your ability to forgive. Who must you forgive? Well, everyone, including yourself. Only through forgiveness can we let go of the past and free ourselves. This is very important right now because we do not want to keep recreating the past. And that is what we do when we hold onto it.

Once we forgive and let go, we free ourselves to create new things and to hold a new vision for the future. The most important thing we need to hold a vision of this week is of ourselves as powerful creators of our own destinies. This is how we become truly sovereign and God-realised.

How do you envision a future in a higher-dimensional reality? Spend some time meditating on this and then hold onto one of two things that emerge from your Higher Self. Keep reminding yourself of those things and live as if these were already your reality. This is how we give birth to New Earth!

What you can also do: Work with the golden Christ-light dragons to clear all dross from your energy field and for help with raising your vibration throughout the week. Visualise the golden crown of sovereignty on your brow and ask the dragons to occasionally straighten it for you.

Pick an Angel Tarot Card Messages

pick a pile tarot reading 5-11 june - pile 1

Pile 1

This is a week of profound healing and integration for you, beloved Spirit Warrior. The seeds that you plant from now on will come almost entirely from your Higher Self. You know and honour yourself and you are thus able to give the best of yourself to the world. You are ending a karmic cycle. You may even feel as life is finally starting, no matter what your physical age is.

Many new things, people and circumstances will be magnetised to you now. Watch as it all unfolds almost magically and keep planting those New Earth Seeds!

Work with Archangel Raziel for wisdom about when and where to plant those seeds.

pick a pile tarot reading 5-11 june - pile 2

Pile 2

It’s time to make a choice that will bring you greater balance and harmony. Unfortunately, making this choice to honour yourself may have an impact on some people around you. This may be people you have previously considered to be close friends. Some of these friends may not want to be around you anymore once the choice has been made and declared. Trust that this is for the best. You are making room for others who will honour you and be happy for you when you give yourself what you need to heal and integrate higher vibrations.

For some of you, this choice may literally be about ditching alcohol. Drinking alcohol can lead to entity attachment. Please make sure that you clear your energy field if that is you and consider seeing someone for energy healing.

Work with Archangel Sandalphon to stay grounded. Replace addictive substances with music to heal and raise your vibration.

pick a pile tarot reading 5-11 june - pile 3

Pile 3

This is such an exciting trio of cards! What I see for you, my lovely Spirit Warrior, is that you stop going back and forth between leading with the heart and leading with the head. You are stepping into your power as a Lightworker and landing in your heart, unconditional love and compassion. You choose this path because it is the path of service that you have written in your soul contract in this lifetime… and you are ready to begin in earnest now―Well done!

This doesn’t mean you won’t need to use discernment or that you can simply turn your brain off, of course. You will still be in possession of a well-functioning intellect. However, your mind will defer to your heart for all major decisions from now on.

Work with Archangel Raguel to help you to radiate/express unconditional love in harmony with the world around you.

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