week ahead tarot readings pick a pile

Pick a Pile Week Ahead Tarot Readings

pick a pile week ahead tarot readings with the tarot at the end of the rainbow

Happy FriYay, my friends! I hope you are well. Today is the New Moon in Aries and you can find my Aries New Moon Tarot Spread HERE. There is also a message from Spirit for this lunation HERE. This is a powerful New Moon because it is the first New Moon in the Zodiacal New Year and it sets the tone for the year ahead. But now it’s time for the pick a pile week ahead Tarot readings! Pick a pile and choose the shooting star for pile 1, the moon in clouds for pile 2, and the plant for pile 3.

For this week’s readings, we are working with the Tarot at the End of the Rainbow and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle.

General Guidance for the Collective

week ahead guidance for the collective with the dragon wisdom oracle

Bliss cannot be contained. Nor is it meant to. The more often you get into a state of bliss, the more often you can share boundless bliss with the world. Bliss is your birthright and a state that should be encouraged. It is an extremely healing state to be in because it is a state of Oneness. Where there is no separation consciousness, everything returns to divine order.

Did you know that there are Bliss Dragons that can help you get into this state? All you have to do is to open up, focus on your heart chakra and allow them to bring you the energy of bliss.

Tarot at the End of the Rainbow Pick a Pile Week Ahead Tarot Readings

week ahead tarot readings pile 1

Pile 1

Bliss flows naturally for you when you feel a deep emotional connection to another person. This week, a new partnership that encourages deep compassion to the point of bliss, is likely to develop. However, it is likely to be with someone you already know. Possibly someone from your past is returning this week. You have both reached greater levels of compassion this time around. This, in turn, allows you to form a mutually beneficial dynamic relationship that will nurture your potential for bliss.

It is also possible that you will be called on to make an important choice regarding a relationship this week. In this instance, turn to your heart for the best way forward. You will know what to do!

week ahead tarot readings pile 3

Pile 2

Things are speeding up this week. Your focus is almost entirely on the work you came here to do. This is work that is imprinted on your mission blueprint. It is the knowledge that you are doing divinely inspired work that helps you stay focused. However, there is a tendency toward anxiety, self-doubt and hermiting away from the world.

So try not to isolate yourself too much. Meet up with friends or turn to a trusted person in your life and share your heart with them. We all need to feel connected to those around us in order to fulfil our mission, remain in alignment and stay authentic. Pay attention to your dreams as this is one of the many ways Spirit is supporting you now.

week ahead tarot readings pile 3

Pile 3

This is a week of massive transformation for you. You have a chance to permanently shift your poverty consciousness in favour of feeling that you are in a constant flow of giving and receiving. This new perspective is born from a deep inner knowing that you are not left to fend for yourself. You will get a clear sense of this if you connect daily with Source through prayer and meditation.

When Source dropped your soul off on Earth, it made sure that you would have everything you need to fulfil your mission, including material resources. It’s okay if you still worry from time to time but quickly turn those worries over to Source or your Spirit Team rather than allowing your worries to fester. You are so loved and so supported!

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