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Pick a Pile! Week of 17 January Tarot Readings

pick-a-pile tarot readings week of 17 January

We are working with the Preraphaelite Tarot for the week of 17 January Tarot Readings (2022). There is a Full Moon in Cancer on Monday, the 17th. Mondays are ruled by the Moon so this is an extremely potent day for lunar magic. Don’t waste this opportunity to connect with the power of magick and cast a spell! The Moon rules Magick itself as well as the Sign of Cancer.

If you feel like you’re not into the whole paraphernalia thing of ceremonial magicks (I mean, do you really need robes to cast spells?), then give this 10-minute spell meditation a try and use pure mental magick!

Good spells to focus on for a Full Moon in Cancer are spells for fertility, children, pregnancy, the home and family, breast/stomach issues, divinatory/psychic ability, and establishing a tradition/covenstead.

For the general guidance below, we are working with the Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper. Please make sure to read this message before scrolling down to your individual reading since your reading will tie in with the guidance for the collective!

General Guidance for the Collective

It’s time to tune into your inner guidance from higher realms so that you can progress on your path. You are also meant to pass what you learn on to others.

The Green-Gold Dragon from Sirius reminds us how fun it is to learn spiritual technologies and healing modalities. This is the week to dare to try those things that you have been curious about and wondering if they might be a good fit! Even if it turns out to not be a great path for you, you’ll pick up valuable tools and information along the way.

The dragons want you to know that you are more powerful than you think you are. The Beast system programs us to believe we are cut off from Source/the One Mind. We are not! You can access so much more (and totally new!) information through your connection to other realms than you can through Googling the answers to your questions. Dive deep into meditation, dreamwork, and trance states this week.

You are limitless! Your contribution matters!

Week of 17 January Tarot Readings

weekly forecast tarot reading week of 17 of january 2022 pile 1

Pile 1 (Feather)

Boundaries are a super important theme for you this week. You are becoming increasingly more psychic/emotionally sensitive. It’s time to clear out toxic relationships and set up very clear boundaries with all the rest! Stay hydrated and definitely stay away from any consciousness-altering substances.

If you do decide to cast a spell on the Full Moon, be extra careful when setting up psychic protection/casting your circle. Also, be careful to ground your energy after. I’m getting a woolly-headed Neptunian vibe here otherwise.

The best spell for you to cast is definitely for psychic development. You can grow in leaps and bounds this week if you choose to focus your energy on this.

weekly forecast tarot reading week of 17 of january 2022 pile 2

Pile 2 (Raven Claw)

You need a new perspective on how far you have come already in your life. You may feel stuck but you are mainly stuck in your mind. It’s time to untie those mind knots this week.

If you are thinking of casting a spell, it should be a spell to help you connect with and trust your intuition. You have been second-guessing yourself far too much. This really is the true source of much of your grief right now.

It’s time to cut your losses and start over with a clean slate. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and try viewing them as valuable lessons and learning opportunities instead. Spend less time online this week and more time in Nature, especially near bodies of water. It’s onward and upward from here!

weekly forecast tarot reading week of 17 of january 2022 pile 3

Pile 3 (Cross)

Oh my! This is a BIG energy week for you, my love! You have the chance to expand your heart chakra and feel so much more connected to your own Essence as well as the world around you.

This will have a knock-on effect on your work, both in terms of the quality and the amount of attention it gets from others. You are about to level up professionally.

It is likely that you will experience many moments of feeling lucky and blessed. Your work will seem less like work and more like play. The flow moments will be plenteous. Expect at least one new career opportunity to present itself and when it does, say ‘Yes!’ to the Universe!


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