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Pick a Rose Week Ahead Tarot Readings

pick a rose week ahead forecast with the bianco nero tarot

Happy Friyay, my friends! On Sunday 19 December, we have a Full Moon in Gemini. Check out THIS POST for all the deets, including a BRAND NEW bespoke Gemini Full Moon Tarot Spread! This lunation prepares the way for an interesting week, to say the least. Find out what this will mean for you when you pick a rose above. The red rose is pile 1, the peach rose is pile 2 and the violet rose is pile 3.

Before scrolling down to your individual reading, please take a moment to read the oracle message for the collective below with the Dragon Wisdom Oracle. The message in your individual reading ties in with the message for the collective. For the individual readings, we are working with the Bianco Nero Tarot (with an added Picmonkey effect).

General Week Ahead Message for the Collective

dragon wisdom oracle dragon rider

This message is about having the courage to follow the golden path of our soul, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. Affirm to yourself that you are free to make all the right choices for yourself.

Some of you are open to working with the dragon realm. For you, this is a GREAT week to make that connection in meditation. Your dragon is waiting for you to connect so they can help you soar on your true path!

And, surprise! You will be expending LESS energy when you go with the flow of your calling as soon as you start taking those first few steps and start and get going. That’s because it takes a lot of energy to resist what is right and natural. It’s safe to be you and it’s safe to do what you came here to do. You are protected!

It’s up to you to decide if you want a dragon guardian, or if you’d rather work with the angelic realm, or place yourself under the protection of deity directly. Whichever way you choose to do it, it’s good to remember that you weren’t dropped off on Earth to fend for yourself. And there is no shame in calling in extra protection in volatile times.

Pick a Rose Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

pick a rose pile 1

Pile 1

The Devil showing up as a central theme for you is a sign that you are being tested in some major way in the week ahead. The challenge is to keep cool, align your heart with your mind, and then proceed to make the most logical and harmonious choice. The Libra Queen of Swords always seeks a diplomatic solution. She’s not afraid to compromise if need be. But she would never compromise at the cost of her integrity. And that is the crux of the matter here because your temptation is to do just that.

The Page of Pentacles shows that however your resolve this temptation will have a big impact concerning practical matters concerning either money or your health–possibly both. It also shows that some aspect of the temptation you will encounter involves uncharted territory or a subject that you have no previous experience in. You will navigate the challenge best by adopting a beginner’s mind. A know-it-all attitude could be your downfall.

pick a rose pile 2

Pile 2

Conflict could be on the cards for this week, with the 5 of Wands presenting as the central theme. This need not be a serious conflict. The challenge with the 8 of Pentacles is actually to keep your head down, stay in your own lane, and focus on your work. Do not let yourself be distracted by people’s opinions, or whether someone in your same line of work seems to be doing better than you. Realise that the conflict you experience is most likely a projection and give yourself peace of mind.

Provided you take on board the advice above, the week should go smoothly for you (6 of Swords), and you will be feeling better about the situation toward the weekend. A short trip could also be on the cards. Get as much R&R in as possible during the holidays. You have been working really hard and deserve a break!

pick a rose pile 3

Pile 3

You’re in a BIG energy week this week, my friend. Not only are you reaping rewards for past work and achievements (6 of Wands) but you’re feeling charged up (Ace of Wands), inspired, and full of brilliant new ideas (Ace of Swords). Take a moment to revel in the recognition and success you have earned before you charge ahead once more. Taking time to celebrate is just as important as achieving your goals.

Then you can start planning your next venture which is bound to be just as successful. It looks like you are positioning yourself to go from strength to strength in the New Year. Well done! Just don’t forget to pace yourself so that you don’t burn yourself out.


Lisa Frideborg

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