Pick an Angel Tarot Card for 22-28 May 2022

pick an angel tarot card

Happy FriYay, my friends! I hope this week has been kind to you. To me personally, this week has brought huge relief. Much that felt blocked and limited in the run-up to the eclipse has now been unblocked and released. And to bring in even more of that lightheartedness, we are working with the Major Arcana only this week for some Angel Tarot Messages. You may wish to check out the 22 Angelic Tarot Codes for more info on this. So go ahead and pick an Angel Tarot card above for your FREE individual Angelic Tarot message for 15-22 May!

The general week ahead reading for the collective is with the Dragon Path Oracle Cards and the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. If you resonate with working with both Angels and Dragons, I invite you to join our tribe of Dragon Riders and Angel Friends on FB. Check out my new website www.dragoncodes.co.uk if you love dragons!

Please read the general guidance below before scrolling down to your individual Pick an Angel Tarot Card reading. The individual reading ties in with the general theme for the week ahead.

General Guidance for the Collective 22-28 May

“Inner stillness is the key to outer strength.”

— Jared Brock

With Mercury still retrograde until 3 June and Gemini Season beginning on 21 May, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing three cards from the Suit of Air (Swords in a traditional deck). And it comes as even less a surprise that one of the cards is the 4 of Swords. This Minor Arcana card alerts us to a need to slow down, rest and contemplate. This can be extra difficult since we have Mars joining Venus and Jupiter in Aries on 24 May. Aries energy demands action and hates overthinking. One way to resolve this is to make sure you run down some of the Aries energy through plenty of exercise. That will also help clear your head for any important decisions you need to make in the week ahead.

There is also an element of resolving old karma this week. Much was released during the eclipse but there may still be some elements that you are unaware of. In fact, the release period may last for a few months yet since the effect of eclipses can last up to six months. This is where Mercury retrograde comes in handy. Perhaps have a play with the Mercury RetroGrace Tarot Spread to see if this helps?

The booming message I’m getting from the beautiful Father Time Dragon is: “Every time you feel tempted to clock-watch, tell yourself that it is Void O’Clock. Enter into the silence and stillness of your inner being. This is where you will find answers and where you can transmute karma through forgiveness in the alchemy of zero-point magic.”

Here’s what to do:

Work with Archangel Raguel (Justice) and say the Ho’oponopono prayer often to restore harmony to all areas of your life. It is also recommended that you put off any decisions that can be put off. Don’t rush into anything this week, especially not scenarios that involve long-term commitment. Work actively on restoring harmony and lowering your stress levels and walk away from anything that contracts the energy of your heart. So make sure to only move forward when you feel certain that your head and heart are in perfect alignment.

Pick an Angel Tarot Card Messages

pick an angel card - pile 1 strength

Pile 1 – Strength

You are feeling the expansion of the Element of Fire this week and your creative engine is revving up. This is a beautiful energy to play with without worrying about output or income. For instance, grab your paints and make a mess like you did when you were a child. Or write a poem just because. Or put some of your favourite tunes on and dance. Another way of expressing yourself is to give yourself a makeover this week.

Your creativity is divine and expressing yourself more without judging the expression nurtures your inner being. It removes any layers of persona that aren’t yours and that no longer serve you. It allows you to shine your light more brightly in the world and this, in turn, opens you up to greater levels of abundance.

Work with Archangel Ariel this week.

pick an angel card - pile 2 the fool

Pile 2 – The Fool

Your big lesson this week is learning to be in the NOW. No skipping ahead of yourself is allowed. On the other hand, when you do find yourself fully present in the moment, you can expect miracles. Sometimes those miracles will appear in the form of brilliant new ideas.

This is a truly magical week for you. You may even feel as if you have been given a blank slate and that all your past mistakes have been forgiven. That is because, ultimately, there is nothing to forgive. You are beginning to glimpse that you are perfect just as you are. You are safe and you can trust in the Divine plan for your life. Everything unfolds in perfect Divine Timing when you allow yourself to enter into zero-point alignment. So do this often!

Work with Archangel Uriel this week.

pick an angel card - pile 3 the tower

Pile 3 – The Tower

What will have to fall apart this week for something better to fall into place? Some kind of ego resistance to Divine Love is likely to show up. Be grateful when it does because then this can be resolved once and for all. Be compassionate with yourself in the process.

A sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to go into a state of non-judgment when we realise that we have a disconnect with the Divine in any area of our lives. From that place of non-judgment, it becomes much easier to release and realign. Forgiving ourselves and others isn’t about grovelling with guilt and shame. It’s about transmuting the negative effect of actions born from ignorance with compassion. It’s okay to cry in the process of doing this. Those kinds of tears bring the same freshness of the air that comes after a storm.

Work with Archangel Chamuel this week.

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