pick an animal thoth tarot readings

Pick an Animal Thoth Tarot and Rune Week Ahead Readings

pick an animal thoth tarot and rune readings for the week ahead

Hello, my friends, and Happy FriYay! Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. It’s not too late to tune into the New Moon in Scorpio energies with a bit of help from the Tarot. For the pick an animal Thoth Tarot week ahead readings, I have also added a rune. The general guidance for the collective this week is with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle.

Choose Cat for pile 1, Raven for pile 2, or Deer for Pile 3. Before scrolling down to your chosen pile for your free week ahead reading, please take a moment to read the general guidance message below since the individual readings tie in with this too.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

stargazer week ahead guidance for the collective from the angels and ancestors oracle

Stargazer is showing up to remind us that when we live joyfully and from the heart, we expand our horizons. It’s fear that makes us hold back, shrink our lives and not believe in ourselves. It’s fear that convinces us that failure equals death and taking a risk is therefore not worth it. Fear is a liar <— Read this sentence again.

This is the week to dream big. It’s also the week to feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is a bit like lactic acid during a hard workout. You don’t have to listen to the burn. Instead, you can choose to override it and keep going. Unless you learn to do the same with fear, you’ll never grow or realize your full potential.

Trust your soul’s blueprint and trust the stars that guide you. And remember, Source has your back. You are surrounded by angels and spirit guides/helpers. Acknowledge this with gratitude and learn to ask for help whenever you need it. You’ve got this!

Pick an Animal Thoth Tarot + Rune Readings for the Week Ahead

Pick an Animal Thoth Tarot and Rune Week Ahead Readings Pile 1

Pile 1 – Cat

The week ahead guidance for the collective above applies especially to you this week, my friend. The area where you need to be prepared to feel the fear and do it anyway is your work and what you do for a living. You may have been sitting on the fence recently about moving forward. It’s time so don’t let fear hold you back. Fortune will favour the bold!

To ease yourself into taking action, try writing down the pros and cons of doing one thing or the other. Don’t hold back on the cons/negatives/whatever it is you fear might happen. Seeing them in black on white is likely to make any fears you have seem more manageable. You’ve got this!

Trust your instincts when it comes to timing. You’ll know when to leap and it will feel amazing when you land!

Rune: Fehu

Pick an Animal Thoth Tarot and Rune Week Ahead Readings Pile 2

Pile 2 – Raven

Pay close attention to your emotions this week, my friend. The challenge is to allow them all to bubble to the surface now without judgment. You may experience a tidal wave of emotional lag from recent weeks or months. This may be challenging but will benefit you tremendously if you are just prepared to flow with it.

You are giving birth to a new version of yourself and a new perspective on the world around you. Mostly, you have been feeling excited about this but now the sadness of all that is dying from your life is catching up with you. There could be a sense of having lost your bearings as well. Allow yourself to seek out many moments of stillness in the days ahead; That is how you reorientate yourself and get your bearings again.

Some of you who are reading this will receive a spirit baptism and a new name this week.

Rune: Laguz

Pick an Animal Thoth Tarot and Rune Week Ahead Readings Pile 3

Pile 3 – Deer

You are called to trust yourself this week and to reconcile the light and darkness within yourself. It’s time to move away from black and white thinking. Inner planes shamanic journeying can help you see what shifts you need to make in order to release past judgments.

For some of you, this reading is about a business partnership and trusting your gut on who is worthy of your time and investment. To achieve your objective, you’ll need to walk away from a stressful situation that is causing an energetic and/or financial drain.

Your confidence levels are high and you will have the energy to make the necessary changes. Expect things to be quite radically different by the end of the week.

Rune: Ehwaz


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