week ahead pick a crystal tarot readings

Week Ahead Pick a Crystal Tarot Readings

week ahead pick a crystal tarot readings

Happy Friyay, my friends! I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s time for the week ahead readings again (week starting 19 April 2021). As you know this week started with a New Moon in Aries and the theme of Fire (Aries is Cardinal Fire) continues to be strong for the coming week as well. Fire Guardian shows up to remind us to continue to balance our solar plexus chakra and become aware of any tendency to want to dominate or succeed at the cost of another.

This doesn’t mean that we should not assert ourselves or pursue our desires but we must do so in a way that protects all of life. It means stepping into our role as guardians and protectors of all that is right and true. This is about the transmutation of egoic solar plexus chakra energy into crystalline Christ Consciousness.

week ahead guidance pick a crystal fire guardian

Pick a Crystal Week Ahead Tarot Readings

Give yourself a minute before scrolling down to the individual week ahead pick-a-crystal Tarot readings below and choose the crystal that will bring you the most resonant guidance for the week ahead. From left to right, we have clear quartz (pile 1), black tourmaline (pile 2) and amethyst (pile 3).

For this week’s readings, we are working with The Complete Kit Tarot by Running Press. The oracle card above is from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray.

Pile 1 Clear Quartz

You are starting to really shine this week, beautiful soul. It’s because you feel free to express your true self now. This in turn has enabled you to release all creative blocks. What you are sharing with the world now is totally precious so more of the same if you please. You are likely to pioneer something or step into some kind of leadership role. Don’t worry about whether others will follow–Just do it.

Do make sure to also protect yourself energetically as the reach of your energy increases and expands out into the world. Those less able to express themselves or come up with creative ideas or solutions could try the shortcut of making what’s yours theirs. Remember, imitation is the strongest form of flattery. Do not get upset if and when this happens. Keeping standing firm in your authority and integrity as a sovereign creatrix and you have nothing to fear.

Cards: Queen of Wands, Ace of Swords, 7 of Swords

Pile 2 Black Tourmaline

There are two parts to this reading because I’m reading to two groups of people. Trust what resonates. The first group are those of you who will be falling in love this week. It’s a dramatic affair and a I’m getting a falling head over heels sensation with it. While it’s reciprocal, please try to stay grounded so that everything you’ve created up to this point doesn’t get swept away as you get swept off your feet. We are dealing with two not very practical people who have come together here and while the feelings are wonderful, it’s important that you not neglect other duties and responsibilities.

For the second category, we will have similarities in terms of sturm und drang. However, here it concerns a coming of age through some cataclysmic event. A pipedream may have to be abandandoned. Stay heart-centered and know that there is nothing wrong with you as a person just because this think you wanted to do didn’t work out. It happened for you, not to you and one day you’ll be able to teach others from experience thanks to this.

Cards: Page of Cups, The Tower, Knight of Cups

Pile 3 Amethyst

This week sees a shift of moving into the world with compassion, acting on the compassion that is now flowing freely for all loving beings. You are being activated to become more of a steward and sharing yourself and your gifts with the others. This may feel like a big and rather scary step but the truth is that you are more than ready. People will respond well as you share from such a deeply caring space.

You may find that people come to you for help with all sorts of problems this week, both emotional and of a more practical nature. They’re coming to you because you are able to help in some way so trust in your ability to do so but please don’t neglect self-care. Serving humanity is great but humanity is not served by you burning yourself out.

Cards: King of Cups, The Hanged Man, King of Pentacles


Lisa Frideborg

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