week ahead reading with the angel oracle and the influence of the angels tarot

Week Ahead Reading

week ahead reading with the angel oracle and the influence of the angels tarot

Jesus said, “Let him who has grown rich be king, and let him who possesses power renounce it”.

Logion 81, Gospel of Thomas

This logion from the Gospel of Thomas addresses the need to allow the ego-personality to blossom fully and find its edge before surrendering into the Self where true freedom can be found.

Could it be that not fully experiencing our human potential is what leads us to come back to earth in incarnation after incarnation, moreso than not achieving spiritual enlightenment?

Is spiritual enlightement without peak personal success a bypass operation for lazy people? No, that’s taking this one step too far by defining success the world defines it. We all have different gifts and not everyone is meant to achieve financial success.

What matters is what you do with your unique talents. Are you using them for the Highest Good or are you holding yourself back out of fear?


The past couple of days, I have been thinking a lot about the concept of ‘kenosis,’ which is mentioned in Philippians 2:7, where it is said that Jesus “emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men” (ESV).

Cynthia Bourgeault explains the concept of Christ’s kenosis so fully and so beautifully that I had tears rolling down my cheek listening to the audio book version of her ‘Wisdom Jesus.’ This emptying of ourselves completely in the name of love (The Hanged Man) is what we too are called to do but only after we have achieved the harmonious integration of the ego personality (Justice).

What the Cards Say

So today, for the week ahead, we have The Hanged Man from the Influence of the Angels Tarot. From The Angel Oracle we have the Guardian Angel of Freedom. The Guardian Angel of Freedom has showed up in three draws already. First in two daily draws (3rd and 6th of January) and now for the week ahead. Freedom is perhaps the theme of 2021 in more ways than one.

It’s not strange that many of us are contemplating freedom or our perceived lack of it now that the screws of authoritarianism are being tightened beyond what we experienced even in 2020. So what are the cards telling us? What helpful message are they bringing for the week ahead?

This is not an easy message for us to process because it is about true freedom being available to us only by a complete emptying of ourselves. In other words, the more the little self (ego-personality) resists the restrictions to our freedoms now, the less freedom we experience. If we, on the other hand, flip perspectives 180 degress, we can have all the freedom we ever dreamed of.

‘How?,’ I hear you asking. It’s about looking at what is instead of resisting it and ask yourself how you can best serve humanity in this situation. But first, you really do have to observe, like Archangel Cassiel in The Hanged Man card. You have to learn to look without judgment so that your emotions don’t put you in a reactive state. Detach, let go and flow.

Archangel Cassiel

Archangel Cassiel is the Archangelic ruler of Saturn in the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, which ties him to The World and to Old Man Time in the Hermit card. He’s an angel of prudence and detachment, often associated with tears and isolation because he’s very hands-off and doesn’t intervene in our affairs or afflictions. However, when we do learn patience and acceptance, his wisdom flows to us abundantly.

If you wish to work more closely with Archangel Cassiel, this Tarot spread might be helpful. The Tarot spread is designed to help you move past your limitations.

Individual Week Ahead Readings

The individual week ahead readings are newsletter subscriber exclusives and will be sent out in the Sunday newsletter. For this week’s pick-a-pile readings, we’ll be working with the stunning Heaven & Earth Tarot.

week ahead pick-a-pile readings with the heaven and earth tarot deck