resurrection life now pick-a-pile tarot readings for the week ahead

Resurrection Life NOW and Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

Resurrection Life NOW Pick a Pile Tarot Readings

General Week Ahead Guidance

As we approach Easter we are getting a message from the Gospel of Thomas about how resurrection life is possible here and now. This message spills over into the week ahead pick-a-pile Tarot readings.

His disciples said to him, “When will the dead have rest, and when will the new world come?”
He said to them, “What you’re looking for has already come, but you don’t know it.”

Gospel of Thomas, Logion 51

Resurrection Life NOW

In the Logion from the Gospel of Thomas for the week ahead, we are reminded that we don’t have to put anything off. The reason is that everything we long for is already within. This is what Yeshua meant when He said, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Many Christians are now waiting and hoping for a ‘second coming’ of Christ — in the flesh. However, I believe the second coming is the Age of the Holy Spirit; The awakening to our ability to fully embody the Kingdom here on Earth. The author of the Gospel of Philip would agree with this. He said:

“Those who say that the Lord died and then was resurrected are wrong; for he was first resurrected and then he died.”

Walking the Earth, Yeshua lived the resurrection life and he invites us to do the same. The good news is that we don’t have to wait until Easter, whether we choose to observe Lent or not. All we have to do is focus our attention on what the Holy Spirit is doing and being through us here and now.

New Beginnings

resurrection life now week ahead angelic tarot guidance pick a pile

Yesterday was the Feast of the Annunciation. I can see Archangel Gabriel holding Yeshua in The Angel Oracle card above. Or is this you, holding your inner child? Either way, the message is to let go of the old now so that we can focus on what we wish to create for ourselves as well as for future generations.

How can you nurture your inner child this week? What did you do as a child that made you completely lose track of time? Do more of that in the week ahead!

Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings for the Week Ahead

Take a couple of deep breaths and release any tension before allowing yourself to be drawn to one of the pendants above. From left to right, we have clear quartz, aqua aura, and kyanite. For this week’s readings, we are working with the mini Tarot of the White Cats and the Guardian Angels Oracle.

Clear Quartz Pile

pick-a-pile week ahead readings ressurection live now pile 1

Eiazel (nighttime ruler of the 2 of Swords) is your Guardian Angel in the week ahead. He can help you break free from a limiting mindset and anything that keeps you from enjoying being alive. His name means ‘God who gives joy.’ Invoke him for comfort in times of adversity, for protection against enemies and for freedom from anxiety and depression.

The Tarot cards speak of enjoying your creativity fully in the week ahead. A budding spirit of adventure is seeking to be expressed. Nurture this spirit and act on your inspiration. Spending time in nature and going for long rambles will help you get into your creative flow.

The missing ingredient has been confidence. You’ve had some great ideas in the past but it’s almost as if you’ve waited for permission. Well, the wait is over. You know what you’ve got what it takes and you can begin a JOYFUL process of manifestation, confidence in this being divinely inspired fully restored. The forward momentum for resurrection life is massive. Carpe diem!

Aqua Aura Pile

pick-a-pile week ahead readings ressurection live now pile 2

Habuiah (nighttime ruler of the 9 of Disks) is your Guardian Angel in the week ahead. His name means ‘Generous God.’ He can bless you with increased productivity, yield and fertility. Invoke him if you are trying to conceive, for an increase of abundance generated through work, or for general health and wellbeing.

The Tarot gives us a strong work focus for this week, so you can surely do with a bit of help from this Guardian Angel when it comes to making the right decisions. There is an area of confusion that is keeping you stuck in your career right now. Don’t feel you have to resolve this all on your own. Ask the Angelic Realm for a clear sign about the best way forward.

With the Ace of Wands as the action advice card, you need to act on the guidance as soon as it comes through. There is a limited window in time that must be used for you to achieve your objective. Do not delay and do not hesitate! Remember that resurrection life happens in the NOW.

Kyanite Pile

pick-a-pile week ahead readings ressurection live now pile 3

Your Guardian Angel for the week ahead is Vehuel. This angel corresponds with the 9 of Swords upright in the Minor Arcana. His name means ‘Grandiose God.’ Call on Vehuel to bring calm to any hostile situation or if you need help with influencing powerful people. Vehuel can help you progress on your spiritual path and also brings comfort when we experience setbacks.

In the Tarot we see clear signs that you are en empath who is currently experiencing compassion fatigue. You have been giving of yourself to the point of running on dry. It’s time for some serious self-care in the week ahead. Nobody wins if you run yourself into the ground.

Put boundaries in place and learn to ask others for help. Don’t let pride or yourself image of always being the giver get in the way. You’ll be much happier once you learn to receive in equal measure. Let this be the lesson you master this week. For you, resurrection life means loving yourself better and allowing yourself to receive.


Lisa Frideborg

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