Week Ahead Tarot Messages – Pick a Pile!

Happy FriYay, my friends! It’s time for our week ahead tarot messages so go ahead and pick the pile you feel intuitively drawn to. For this week’s individual readings, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot. The general reading for the collective is with the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand.

Make sure to read the general guidance before scrolling down to your individual reading. This is because the individual readings are thematically tied with the message for the collective.

General Guidance for the Collective

week ahead oracle guidance for the collective

Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

The message from Spirit for the week ahead can be summed up in that first sentence. But what does it mean? Energetically, it means purifying our mental-emotional bodies in preparation for the New Moon in Taurus solar eclipse. Physically it means purging all negative influences on our bodies. I.e. anything that lowers our vibration through addictions or makes us sluggish/unreceptive through overindulgence. As mentioned in the May Tarot forecast, fasting is highly recommended in the Dark Moon days leading up to this eclipse.

Innocence is our natural solar self of beingness that we return to when we become fully individuated. This is why you see the image of a young child on a horse in the traditional RWS Sun card. We return to innocence periodically even before we reach that stage by renewing hope and faith in things yet unseen, through whatever spiritual practices best help us do so. This is what we should aim for in the week ahead.

The twin dragons of duality are showing up as a symbol for transcending polarity consciousness through heart unification. To sink down into the heart is an act of faith that allows us to see the world and the people around us as they truly are: innocent spiritual co-journeyers through life.

But as many of them still see through the eyes of the mind rather than through the eyes of the heart, we need to be able to perceive their intentions. We use discernment (not judgment) to gauge if intentions are pure or distorted in order to protect ourselves and those in our care.

The twin dragons of duality also appear to remind us to not judge our own emotions but to simply view them as road signs. If they lead us away from the bliss that is our birthright, we simply move and transmute the energy of those emotions.

Week Ahead Tarot Messages

week ahead tarot messages pile 1

Pile 1

You are a creative soul and this week, you are looking to expand your domain by finding your tribe of co-creators and co-manifesters. It is likely that you can connect with your soul tribe this week and this will help you feel much more optimistic about future prospects. You will stop feeling quite as alone in the world even though many of them live far away.

Some of you will find this soul tribe through studying a topic that you are passionate about. This could be online or in-person. Either way, it will increase your network and lead to opportunities further down the line. Set pure intentions at the start of the week to attract only the souls who wish for your Highest Good into your life.

Actively seek out the company of others. You are being called into co-creation and team-building. But some of you experience inertia against moving in the direction of meeting and working with others after the past couple of years. It’s time to break this spell. Use the New Moon energies for this purpose.

week ahead tarot messages pile 2

Pile 2

There is an inner pressure to strive for perfection that has been driving you up the wall lately. It’s keeping you stuck because you feel that what you will be able to do will never measure up to what you are capable of doing.

Please find a pattern interrupt for this lie that you have looping inside you. Your best is ALWAYS going to be good enough and the dream is there as much for your learning as it is for you to experience success.

Nobody sane expects you to put perfection into the world because they know there is no such thing. When you share what you are passionate about, your enthusiasm will be contagious and help others broaden their horizons. This journey was never about perfection. Perfection is where you come from and where you ultimately end up. Everything between those two points is about experiencing life in all its glorious, messy imperfections.

week ahead tarot messages pile 3

Pile 3

This week gives you a massive opportunity to shift from poverty consciousness into an abundance mindset. In order to do so, you may (though not all of you who chose this pile) have to face a situation that initially triggers fear. If that happens, please turn to someone who has already overcome that fear. Look and learn. If they can do it, so can you.

Everything, even difficult lessons, happens for you, not to you. Choose the, ‘What am I supposed to learn from this?’ perspective rather than going into feeling victimised when the unexpected bill appears or whatever it is that might trigger your fear/poverty consciousness.

Holding in your consciousness that five years from now, all that will have mattered is how you mastered this lesson will help you shift gears into being as proactive as possible. Those of you who get this message and feel an internal click when reading it are the ones least likely to have to face the lesson in 3D. But if you do, be grateful for the opportunity to learn and clear this once and for all!

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