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Unicorn Oracle, Rune, and Tarot Week Ahead Guidance – Pick a Pile!

Tarot week ahead guidance - pick a lantern!

Happy FriYay, my friends! I hope you have had an awesome week so far. We have a BIG energy week coming up with the New Moon in Aquarius/Chinese New Year and Imbolc the day after. It’s BIG energy numerologically too, as you will discover in the reading for the collective below. The Tarot week ahead guidance pick-a-pile readings are with the incredibly yummy Barbieri Tarot. You can find the review I published for this deck HERE.

As always, I encourage you to read the guidance for the collective before scrolling down to the individual readings. The pick-a-pile Tarot week ahead guidance readings are all tied in with the reading for the collective. Pick the purple lantern for pile 1, the black lantern for pile 2, and the red lantern for pile 3.

Unicorn Oracle and Rune Guidance for the Collective

Unicorn Oracle, Rune and Tarot Week Ahead Guidance

Mannaz is pairing with Not a Swing from Barbieri’s Unicorns Oracle this week. Not a Swing is about choice and learning to flow with life’s changes with grace, enjoyment, and discernment. Interestingly, we have an incredibly powerful date for making life-changing choices coming up this week. As you may be aware, 2s are all about choices. This year, Imbolc, a wonderful station in the Wheel of the Year for new beginnings and setting intentions, falls on a day that is all 2s (2/2/2022). These numbers add up to 10/1 (The Wheel of Fortune/The Magician).

Mannaz is the rune of mankind and consciousness, awareness, humanity, intelligence, learning, and society. In the Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle, this rune has been paired with Meerkat. Meerkat brings the perfect energy for the Aquarius New Moon on Tuesday as well as Imbolc the following day. Meerkat’s guidance encourages us to pull together. It’s the energy we need to end division in society and to all start using our individual talents for the Highest Good. I don’t think there is an animal guide (or rune!) that better resonates with the energy of the Aquarian New Moon!

Make Your Mind Up

The trick is to make your mind up. Mannaz is very much a rune of the mind. So make your mind up about how to best serve in the bigger context of humanity and Jord/Gaia. Though this choice no doubt will be dictated by your heart’s desire, it’s important to set a firm course mentally this week for the rest of the year.

This is so that you will avoid leaking energy to the current narrative. Your life purpose is far too precious to be frittered away gradually on stuff and nonsense! So do what you need to do. Set some time aside for doing readings and journaling. Light a candle. Meditate. Seal the deal on 2/2/2022 and you will be able to stay centred in the hub of the Wheel for the rest of the year, not worrying about the ridiculousness of the agenda of the cabal.

Tarot Week Ahead Guidance Invididual Readings

Tarot Week Ahead Guidance Invididual Readings - Pile 1

Pile 1

It’s time to assemble your dream team! Don’t be afraid and don’t worry about the others not getting your vision. Trust in divine providence for who shows up, take charge and own your leadership ability. What you wish to bring into reality now demands both a new vision of what is possible and teamwork. As a team leader, it is your task to encourage and inspire the other team members. You have vast experience to draw on for this so don’t doubt yourself. Some element from the past that may have been seen as a failure will prove to be one of your most valuable learning experiences and assets in the days ahead.

Tarot Week Ahead Guidance Invididual Readings - Pile 2

Pile 2

You mustn’t be afraid to step up to the plate as a champion for justice now. Yes, it can be incredibly scary (‘What if I mess up?’) but you were born for a time such as this. Others depend on you raising your voice. Doing so will help expand what is possible in terms of positive transformation for everyone, not just yourself. Bearing in mind that others depend on you, what action will you take this week? You will have luck and momentum on your side. Anything you truly focus your energy on this week is possible to achieve. The key to success is to keep your mind and heart aligned and only then take decisive action.

Tarot Week Ahead Guidance Invididual Readings - Pile 3

Pile 3

Things have been tough but you are starting to move forward again. 2022 can totally be your year but you have some powerful naysayers around. Stand firm in your own intentions. Spend time in prayer and watch the objections and resistance melt away. You have set the right course so you mustn’t let anyone deter you now. Neither must you push so hard that you burn yourself out. Regular time-outs for rest and recreation will be necessary this week. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make much headway but keep trusting the journey. You are definitely on the right path. Keep your eyes fixed on your North Star.


Lisa Frideborg

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