thelema tarot week ahead guidance

Pick a Pile Thelema Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Pick a Pile Thelema Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Happy FriYay and Full Moon blessings, my friends! I hope you are well, wherever in the world you are. It’s time for your FREE Thelema Tarot week ahead reading. Before scrolling down to your individual Tarot message, please take a moment to ponder the week ahead message for the collective. For this, we are working with the Ethereal Orbs Oracle by Studio Artemy. The theme of this oracle is the Mansions of the Moon and the Fixed Stars.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

week ahead guidance ethereal orbs oracle caaddalhacbia

The traditional image for the 25th mansion of the Moon, Caaddalhacbia, is that of a gardener planting a tree. Depending on the age of the gardener, he may or may not ever get to see that tree in maturity, with a crown reaching high up in the sky and birds nesting in its branches. Yet he plants the tree because he has a vision and faith in that vision. He plants the tree for future generations and waits patiently for his work to come to fruition. This is work done for future generations and that is where we’re at this week.

The truth is that we are in such a massive period of transition and transformation right now that we simply can’t know what the future will look like. But we can plant seeds of love and begin dreaming a new reality into being. We can intend for the old to be replaced with something better. And we can nurture our innovations and creative solutions with great care, blessing them so that they in turn may become blessings for future generations.

What we do now is important. Hence it is important that we become conscious co-creators. We can only be conscious co-creators if we move beyond the duality pattern of reactivity which is based in the victim-perpetrator paradigm. Therefore, we must broaden our vision. And we must quest for a vision that can sustain future generations.

Today is the final Full Moon of the current astrological year. It is crucial to release everything and anything that could threaten our faith in the future of mankind or shrink our visionary capability.

Thelema Tarot Week Ahead Readings

thelema tarot week ahead messages pile 1

Pile 1

You have gained a lot of clarity in the past 12 months. You no longer sweat the small stuff. This, in turn, has given you the edge in two ways: You know what your core values are and you have learned to trust in the guidance of that still, small voice within.

Next up on your journey is the opportunity to act as a claircognizant channel of Divine Feminine wisdom. Keep a dream journal this week because much of what Spirit wishes to transmit will come through in this way. Will you embrace this opportunity and help provide humanity with New Earth solutions? If so, simply stay on the path you are already on… and well done!

thelema tarot week ahead messages pile 2

Pile 2

Endings (Death) and New Beginnings are showing very clearly for you this week, as we approach the Astrological New Year. Please take the guidance in the general message for the collective to heart because it is part of your mission blueprint to bring hope to the world at a time such as this.

The Ace of Wands also speaks of taking action, bold action! But any action you take must be anchored in a broad vision for the Highest Good (The Star/Aquarius). Be gentle with yourself as you birth the new you. Treat yourself as if you are your own best friend.

Making sure you don’t burn yourself out is crucial since many will turn to you for help this week. The analogy of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping the person next to you, is a good one to be mindful of.

Pile 3

You are asking all the right questions right now. The answers, as well as your openness, will help bring you into harmony with the world around you, as well as give you the courage to truly shine your light in the world. You are outgrowing the victim-perpetrator paradigm.

What used to trigger you into victim mode in the past is seen as an opportunity for growth in light of your newly found perspective. This change of perspective will serve you incredibly well since you will be able to identify all opportunities that are meant for you, in all areas of your life. You are setting yourself up for an awesome 12 months… well done!


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