Week Ahead Tarot Message 18-24 September

Happy Friday, friends! We are definitely in the middle of a humdinger of a Mercury Retrograde. And I’m saying that as someone who’s born with Mercury Rx and don’t normally take notice. Pretty much everyone I know, including people who know nothing about astrology, is having Mercury Rx-related issues. Even though many of us yearn for change, launching new projects is not recommended until after 2 October when Mercury stations direct. And even then you may wish to wait a couple of weeks until Mercury has gained momentum again. Our Tarot message for this week is all about preparing for the change to come. We are working with the Tarot de Paris and the Mystic Cats Oracle.

Week Ahead Tarot Message 18-24 September

As the Seasons change and Summer turns to Autumn, many of us feel an inner call to change certain areas of our lives. What this is about exactly will show in the week ahead pick-a-pile Tarot readings that are exclusive to paid Substack subscribers. We are coming up to Mabon/The Autumn Equinox on the 23rd. If you observe this tradition, you may find this Angelic Harvest Tarot Spread helpful.

In the general week ahead guidance for the Spirit Warrior collective, we look at how to gather creative momentum for the season to come during this Mercury Rx week. And we do so by refining our creative vision. If you are reading this, it is likely that you already have a brilliant idea (Ace of Swords/Ace of Air) for what you wish to manifest or create in the near future. You could for instance contemplate launching a new business or beginning some creative venture/collaboration. While now is not a great time to actually launch anything, it is the perfect time to do the prep and groundwork.

The Empress (Nature) asks you to look at how to nurture the seed of this new idea. And the King of Wands (King of Fire) is a nudge to take complete ownership over it. You need to have a vision for its manifestation. And you need that vision to inspire others so that you can get the assistance you need and/or so that the right customers/clients can find you.

Care for Yourself First

For some of you, the change you desire may fall more in the area of family/relationships. If that is true for you, it falls on your lot to instigate the necessary change. Stay grounded and look after your own health first so that there is enough of you to go around.

You have more clarity than just about everyone around you at this point in time. Be generous with your time but be careful to not offer unsolicited advice. It will just create more confusion. Stay in your lane until asked.

Quote of the Week

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
~ Charles Mingus

Affirmation of the Week

I nurture creativity and inspire vision in myself and those around me.

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