haindl tarot week ahead pick-a-pile readings

Pick-a-Pile Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well and looking forward to the Samhain/Halloween weekend (or Beltane if you are in the Southern Hemisphere)! Before you check out your Haindl Tarot week ahead reading below, take a moment to enjoy the message from Spirit for the collective with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle:

General Message for the Collective

week ahead message for the collective - magick guardian from the angels and ancestors oracle

In the days leading up to the New Moon in Scorpio on 4 November, release everything mundane that is worrying you. Turn off your TV and any gadgets an hour or two before you go to bed. Spirit is calling! Spend time going within through journaling, prayer, breathwork, and meditation. Get ready to unleash the power of your own truth on the world!

When you are no longer afraid to be exactly who and what you came here to be, nothing can stop you. And if you are reading this, magick has a lot to do with why you are here.

Muggles can’t teach you what you need to do next but your spirit guides can. That’s why it’s so important for you to become still and go within. Everything you need for the next step of this journey of transformation lies within your heart. When you unlock this treasure, you will not only begin to experience how powerful you are, you will also experience joy and a deep sense of meaning like never before!

The time is now!

Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Pick-a-Pile Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings Pile 1

Pile 1

Your intellectual capability plays a major part in your life purpose but you are not always grounded enough to truly make this gift work for you. It’s time to establish a routine (as boring as it may sound!) that allows you to explore the full potential of this gift. It’s time to start that writing project you have been putting off. To avoid going into overwhelm, set a timer to 20 minutes and just begin. Rinse and repeat the day after, and the day after… until you have completed the project. Something truly earth-shattering is waiting to be born through you if you commit to doing the work, day by day.

Pick-a-Pile Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings Pile 2

Pile 2

The Dark Moon days are taking you deep into your own shadow, my friend. Don’t be afraid to go there. It’s only if you have the courage to face your shadow that you will be able to resolve those creative blocks. This message also relates to purging your energy field of any false ‘love and light’ doctrines that create a temptation to go into spiritual bypass. We are all a mix of light and dark. Dark doesn’t necessarily mean evil but it usually means uncomfortable if we are used to seeing ourselves as Lightworkers or Lightbringers. It’s time to go into the night. Maybe even literally by performing an utiseta/utesitta. You are giving birth to the new, more powerful version of yourself. Give yourself space to do the work!

Pick-a-Pile Haindl Tarot Week Ahead Readings Pile 3

Pile 3

Get ready to clear blocks to abundance and material prosperity during the Dark Moon Days. You have been spiritualizing your ability to earn real money into oblivion with your attitude about money somehow being ‘dirty.’ Money is just energy and the worker is worthy of hire. Stop using terms like “filthy rich” and start cultivating an attitude of appreciation and gratitude around the prosperity you already enjoy. This New Moon is the time to start seeing yourself as someone who is truly financially prosperous. You already know that this isn’t about greed. It’s about you being able to shine your light and provide hope for others. Now tell me, how are you able to do that if you have to rely on handouts?


Lisa Frideborg

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