love and romance forecast 15-21 april

Love Dove Tarot Week Ahead Forecasts

Reviving the love dove tarot week ahead love and romance forecasts here on Angelorum.

Happy Friday, love doves! Ah, it’s good to be back! Back to what?! Back to honouring Venus/Aphrodite/Freya on Her day… And back to be offering a weekly love and romance Tarot forecast for both coupled people and singles! Don’t worry, the regular week ahead forecast are up and can be found HERE!

Those of you who have been with me since I started my Tarot businesses will remember, my most popular Tarot site ever. It is not completely without regret I think back to 2015 and my decision and close that site down. I did it, not so much because I don’t love relationship Tarot – I totally still do! – But I wanted to diversify my business and not pigeon hole myself into doing just one type of readings.

The problem now is that prospective clients for love and romance readings aren’t finding me with the same level of ease – Please know that I am still here for you if your main concern right now is your love life and I’m more than happy to read for you on that, whether you need a mini yes/no type reading or a more in-depth offering.

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love and romance forecast
Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle

You can’t force love, I realized. It’s there or it isn’t. If it’s not there, you’ve got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love. 

Richelle Mead, Frostbite

Week Ahead Love and Romance Forecast Reveal

love and romance forecast

You chose card no. 1

For singles: Stop comparing your love life to that of others, especially if you are surrounded by happily coupled friends. There is no need to feel like a failure or as if you are somehow incomplete because you don’t have what they have. Trust that what you need is here for you, right now. Trust that the right one will come into your life, at just the right time.

For coupled people: You may experience greater levels of irritation than normal and it’s having a knock-on effect on your closest relationships. Take some time apart if that is what you need to do and don’t neglect your daily meditation/quiet time!

You chose card no. 2

For singles: You are perpetuating your own feelings of loneliness and isolation by focusing on what you don’t have. Change your self-talk and start reaching out to the people around you with love and compassion. It’s through making and maintaining loving connections with everyone around you that doors of opportunity will begin to open on the love and romance front as well!

For coupled people: You could be feeling lonely in spite of feeling coupled this week. It’s important to not start identifying with this emotion but to seek out the root of it, so that you can have some kind of communication break-through with your loved one. Set the intention to heal this gap between you and your partner now and start looking for opportunities to come up with a solution, rather than focusing on the negative feeling. 

However, if this is genuinely a relationship that is causing you to feel isolated because your partner is actively stonewalling you, it could be time to think about ending the relationship. 

You chose card no. 3

For singles: Focusing on working together with others will lead to opportunities and break-throughs on the love and relationship front. You could meet someone at work or through a colleague in the week ahead. Make sure to make a great first impression at work this week… because you just don’t know!

Alternatively, if you are online dating, look for someone who is in the same line of work as you. It could totally lead to a date for next weekend!

For coupled people: Practical matters may be your main concern this week but if you both stay positive and keep working together, it could totally serve as a bonding experience. Look for ways to support your partner and be quick to accept any help offered, as well as to show your appreciation when you do receive help. Great sex could totally be on the cards this week, provided you follow this advice!

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