leo full moon 2018

The Leo Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

leo full moon 2018

Do you need a reboot and a courage/confidence boost? Then you should work with the powerful Leo Full Moon on Wednesday. This Full Moon happens at exactly 13:26 GMT on 31 January. The Moon will be opposite Sun in Aquarius, conjunct Ceres and inconjunct Neptune. Look up in your own birth chart to see if you have any planets or angles in fixed signs around 11 degrees to see if this lunation will impact you personally to a higher degree. Also look at where this Full Moon falls in your chart, to better understand which area of your life will be most affected. 

This Full Moon eclipse in the last in the progression of eclipses that began with the August 2017 solar eclipse (also in Leo). It is in perigee which makes it a Super Full Moon too. In other words… Dont’ sit this one out! If you need a bit of emotional spring cleaning, this is definitely the time to do it. (Yes, the Moon rules the emotions.)

What you don’t need to pay much attention too is that this Full Moon also happens to be a ‘Blue Moon’ – This simply means that it is the second Full Moon in the same month and it doesn’t have any impact energetically. Nor does the Moon changing colour (aka appear as a ‘Blood Moon’) make it any more special. This is just the normal colour the moon gets at a lunar eclipse.

A Time of Release

A Leo Full Moon gives us a chance to any blocks to our creativity, libido and confidence levels. This is also a good time to let go of any resentment if your relationship with your children isn’t ideal. Releasing resentment and then forgiving them are the first baby steps toward healing the relationship.

This is also a great time to release blocks to courage to speak up and become an advocate on behalf of children – Your own or the children of others.

Finally, you may wish to release a need to be too strict or organised. Leo is a sign of playfulness and thrives on social interaction – especially when they are allowed to hog the spotlight and come up with the games to play. Take more initiatives and gather some friends for some train spotting, paintballing, archery, disco dancing or whatever floats your boat!


As mentioned, the Leo Full Moon is conjunct Ceres. Ceres rules motherhood and nurturing, just like the Moon. She is also connected with civilization, law & order, agriculture and nature. Some astrologers would see Ceres as connected with the Zodiac sign Taurus and other would have her as the ruler of Virgo. I can see how she might work for both and put either Venus or Mercury out of having to do double duty as ruler of two signs.

Roman Goddess Ceres by Antoine Watteau

As things, stand though this asteroid (bordering on ‘dwarf planet’ status) is not a ruler of any zodiac sign and not that much is known about it. Some astrologers make the distinction that while the Moon rules traditional motherhood and nurturing, Ceres represents the modern single mother.

Ceres in Leo is independent, optimistic, creative, loves food but never lets food rule their confidence levels, and thrives on nurturing these traits in others. Ceres in Leo likes to be recognised for her efforts.

In the Roman Pagan calendar we are coming up to one of the main feast days for Ceres. It falls on 2 February (Imbolc!) and the tail end of Sementivae which starts with a feast in honour of Tellus, the Earth Mother.

Leo Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

Leo Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

1. What is ready to be released now
2. What illusion I’m clinging to (especially important to check with Neptune inconjunct)
3. Source of courage
4. What a release and reboot will free up
5. What to do next with the time, energy and resources freed up

Feel free to share your own reading in the comments below. Please remember to share your own interpretation and ask specific questions about any card you are stuck on.





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  1. Thanks Lisa. I thought I would share my eclipse reading. With Legacy of the Divine cards. 1-The Sun, 2-The Star, 3-Three of Swords, 4-Four of Pentacles, 5-Nine of Wands.
    I done this spread before bed and went over a couple of my usual work thought scenarios, it wasn’t until I decided to put them away and rest for the night it came to me. The sun is my father, the star is the hopes and wishful thinking of the relationship of what is should/could be but isn’t. I have never seen three of swords in a strength position for me and since it is a regular in my life I suppose I have been through a lot of this and know it needs to happen for the benefit of all. With the 4 I was holding on to my detriment plus he had helped me in the only way he could with material items. I have the moon at 29° sag so the nine of wands tells me I have the inner strength to move on again and this serves a higher purpose which I need to trust in. Last year the eclipse conjunct my sun and there was a tower issue and boundaries crossed in my home before it. This eclipse conjuncts his sun and as I have felt since Christmas it is now over with his silence.
    If you have any extra input on the strength of 3 of swords or nine of wands as moving forward please feel free to share. Thanks again ♥

    1. Post

      Hi Sophie, thanks for sharing your reading. This is a biggie so it’s no surprise the 3 of Swords showing up. I would see that as the grieving process moving you forward (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) and the 9 of Wands has a similar feel to it (titled Strength in the Thoth Tarot). Focus on the stability of the 4 of Pentacles represents. At the end of all this, you won’t have to rely on your father for material stability and you WILL be stronger. <3

      1. Thanks Lisa, yes I will, the three also reminded of pain I felt for my daughter missing out on another side of her family, though it was unhealthy really, from what I learn I can teach her, maturity, responsibility, independence and forgiveness. It is for the best, thanks for your spreads ♥

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