how to create an abundance altar and the top 10 money tarot cards with affirmations

Top 10 Abundance Tarot Affirmations and Creating Your Money Altar

how to create a prosperity altar and the top 10 money abundance tarot cards with affirmations

So many of us have been raised to view money as evil and/or hard to come by. Sadly, these limiting beliefs hold us back from reaching our full potential in many areas of our lives.

I remember being told things like ‘Do you think I’m made of money?’ and ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know’ growing up.

Those of us who later on choose to go into self-employment as psychics and healers are often hit with a double whammy of shame around money and made to feel guilty for charging for our services – Never mind the years or even decades we’ve dedicated to educating ourselves and all the money we’ve invested in our business. Some people still expect us to give it all away for free because it’s spiritual work. Funny how the same rule doesn’t seem to apply to priests, right? Or how no other professionals are expected to work for free.

As part of my own self-healing journey this year, I’ve been working on shifting some of my old, limiting beliefs around money and I’m making amazing progress. One of the reasons I’m so excited about this is that I find that the money energy is actually tied in with my creative expression. Not sure why this is a surprise to me since both abundance and creativity are tied in with The Empress energy… which only happens to be my Soul Card!

Top 10 Money Tarot Affirmations

Top 10 Money Cards The Empress Frideborg Tarot

The Empress has to be the first card we mention in relationship to abundance and prosperity! It is from this Mother Goddess energy all abundance flows. She is Venus. The Empress also comes through as Lakshmi. She is the creative force of Nature that makes all things grow and prosper.

Affirmation: I am deeply connected to the abundance of Nature. Her creative energy flows effortlessly through me.

The Hierophant corresponds with Taurus and taurean energy in your birth chart rules our values as well as money. Of course values and abundance are very closely tied together. Do you live in a reality where money is good and something that enables you to do good in the world? If not, you need a reality check and a belief adjustment… Or you do if you ever wish to prosper financially.

Affirmation: My values align me with prosperity. My abundance creates a stable foundation for future growth.

Top 10 Money Cards The Wheel of Fortune Frideborg Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune. This jupiterian Major Arcana card is the one that alerts us to opportunities for expansion. The spiritual lesson here is that we need to centre ourselves in the hub in a relaxed and surrendered state, trusting that our intuition will guide us regarding both timing and the best opportunities to reach for.

Affirmation: The timing is always perfect and I am always perfectly poised to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

Top 10 Money Cards The Star Frideborg Tarot

The Star. This Aquarian energy card reminds us that we are all connected and that everything is energy. It provides is with the positive mindset we need to manifest our ideas in a way that benefits the Highest Good of All.

Affirmation: My abundance overflows and benefits every living being.

Top 10 Money Cards The World Frideborg Tarot

The World. Saturn is the corresponding Planet for The World so how does this tie in with abundance and prosperity? The Planet Saturn imposes the limitations of our 3D reality. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. We serve him until we teach him how to serve us. Ultimately, that is the lesson Saturn teaches us – A lesson of transcendence and that we have what it takes to rise above the illusion of limitation. In The Devil card (Capricorn, ruled by Saturn), we see how most of humanity live their lives – slaves to fear, having not yet learned to transcend fear which is the ultimate force of restriction and limitation. Saturn loves humanity so much that he gives us the gift of discipline and the ability to control our minds, enabling us to align our actions with the spirit of Prudence/Sofia.

Affirmation: I transcend all limitations. My outer reality is merely a reflection what I have cultivated in my spirit.

Top 10 Money Cards The Ace of Pentacles Frideborg Tarot

Ace of Pentacles. This card shows us that though we may plant seeds it is the intelligence of the Universe which allows the seed to grow into a tree. It humbles us to be grateful and mindful that even what we think is ours (our bodies) is just on loan from an intelligence far vaster than the brain of the ego can fathom. The Ace of Pentacles us teaches us to work with this intelligence and to sow as much abundance as possible for ourselves and everyone else. There is always enough.

Affirmation: Each seed I sow yields a rich harvest that nurtures many.

Top 10 Money Cards 6 of Pentacles Frideborg Tarot

6 of Pentacles. When this Moon in Taurus card shows up in a reading, it is a clear sign that everything we need to succeed is at hand. This is the vibration of a perfect balance between giving and receiving. We give with a glad heart and receive graciously with gratitude for our good fortune.

Affirmation: I give with a glad heart and receive with deep gratitude.

Top 10 Money Cards King of Pentacles Frideborg Tarot

King of Pentacles. This is the good steward who makes sure that everyone is well looked after. He is fully attuned to the vibration of prosperity and is on autopilot for opportunities to grow his money. This means he has mastered the lesson of the 2 of Pentacles, making judicious decisions about when to expand/take a risk and when to pull back.

Affirmation: I am a good steward of great fortune and I quickly make the best and most beneficial decisions.

Top 10 Money Cards King of Wands Frideborg Tarot

King of Wands. This is the visionary and successful entrepreneur who knows how to lead, motivate and inspire others to put their best effort toward a shared goal. He teaches by example and knows exactly which tasks to delegate to the most capable person possible. Making money is never about maximum effort for him. Watching him from the outside, it looks as if he is a sort of money magician and maybe he is… After all, it’s his faith that makes the money for him, not the sweat of his brow (he’s quite happy to let others do the sweating).

Affirmation: My vision inspires and brings out the best in others. I rejoice when my students surpass me.

Top 10 Money Cards 9 of Cups Frideborg Tarot

9 of Cups. This Jupiter in Pisces card is about having a sense of celebration. Is life not worth celebrating? Should we not make the most of each precious moment? Should we not shower the Universe with our gratitude for all the wonderful experiences we are provided with? Oh yes! And it is this vibration that makes the Universe want to shower us with even more abundance.

Affirmation: My heart overflows with joy and gratitude for the celebration we call life.

Deck used: The Frideborg Tarot

How to Create a Money Altar

As part of healing my own poverty consciousness and elevating it to an abundance consciousness, I put together the prosperity altar you see in the picture above. It is located in my office space. It was so rewarding putting this altar together that I wanted to share some tips for how you can create your own money / prosperity / abundance altar. 

Location, location, location

You don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert to sense where the best place for your altar is. Choose a room (other than your bedroom)… have a good look around the room and try to get a feel for how the energy flows. There may already be a surface that jumps out at you when you look around the room. If so, simply clear and cleanse it energetically through smudging (or your own preferred method), ready for you to place your altar items on it.

Any surface that you feel is of adequate size will do so there is no need to go out and buy expensive furniture that you can’t afford (yet).

What items to place on your money altar

  • A cup or bowl with some money in it for receiving 
  • A candle to fire your desire
  • A picture or statue of a deity associated with abundance (Lakshmi, Buddha, Ganesha, Fortuna, Abundantia, Zeus, Frey, Freya, Anuket, Inari, Ploutus, Jambhala, Bi Gan etc)
  • Crystals (citrine and malakite)
  • One of the money Tarot cards that speaks to you
  • The colours red, gold, green, orange and purple
  • A wish box – A beautifully decorated box that you use to post your wishes to the Universe
  • Any personal items you associate with prosperity

These are just ideas for you to find inspiration from. Remember that your own intuition is the most important thing to consider here. There has to be emotional resonance and relevance for each item. Less is often more and only items that make your heart smile/feel abundant belong here. No need to clutter the altar!

How to work with and care for your money altar

Your money altar is where you focus energy that you can draw on any time you feel out of whack with the energy of abundance. Simply light a candle, take a few deep breaths, do some chanting, light some incense, say a prayer, write a wish and place it on the altar, say thanks for all the abundance already in your life, pray for someone in need… Anything that works and helps you get back into the flow of abundance. 

One way to work with the money altar to create prosperity is to place one of the abundance Tarot cards you feel drawn to work with for the new lunar cycle each New Moon. To energise the card, simply place an offering on the altar to match that vibration. This can be fresh fruit, flowers, holy water, money (that you donate to charity at the end of the cycle) etc. Make sure that your altar is always fresh and fragrant. You don’t want to leave anything on your altar until its gone off.

I highly recommend creating a daily prosperity ritual that you use right after your daily meditation practice. Do it for at least 30 days in a row. To have a daily abundance practice in place is vital when we are working actively to clear any poverty consciousness or blocks to prosperity.

I wish you ALL the abundance you deserve, beautiful soul!

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Funny , it’s the same in Sweden as in the USA. I heard the same exact lines for years. ” do you think money grows on trees ?” And I was taught spirituality and money don’t mix . I believed this and it basically ruined my life for I could have focused on a different more satisfying career path. Ahhh the mistakes we make.
    As I mentioned on Facebook , this list is full of gems . I printed it out. Time to get to work.

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      Thanks, Tara – Glad you found this resource helpful. I recommend listening to Bob Proctor on YouTube and familiarising yourself with Napoleon Hill’s 13 rules for how to think and grow rich as well. Powerful stuff. Michael Sealy also does beautiful self-hypnosis for abundance which is wonderful to fall asleep to.

      1. Lisa, thank you so much for these recommendations. I had heard of Bob Proctor, but had never read any of his works. When I visited the Website of the Institute he founded, I found a link to a free eBook, “You Were Born Rich.” The first chapter had me hooked; this is probably going to be one of the few eBooks that I completely read;

        I have two clients that, one Birthday of mine, pooled their resources and gave me an Amazon Kindle Touch. I AM most thankful for the gift, and most thankful that I fixed up my Prosperity consciousness to the point that I receive electronic gifts (eReaders, tablets, smartphones, etc.) as gifts from the Great Goddess, via people or companies.

        As for Michael Sealey, I already found at least five of his videos that shall benefit me very much.

        Also, not at all coincidentally, someone commented on one of my recent videos, and I recall telling her, in my reply, how long overdue I AM to make a Guided Meditation video on my YouTube Channel. Clearly, the Great Goddess Is going to make sure I remember this time.

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  2. Lisa, your timing is truly Divine!

    I AM leading a group Prosperity Class on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, the date of the Black Moon in Leo, and this post and all of its info is an excellent resource.

    Also, although I AM no stranger to using Affirmations with Tarot Cards as well as creating Altars, I learned quite a few things from this blog post.

    As always, thank you for all you do for and give to so many.

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